What news from Neanderthals? Who were his contemporaries in Africa?

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What news from Neanderthals? How do we know he buried his dead? Who were his contemporaries in Africa? Paleontologists share their moving discoveries about our prehistory

Let’s challenge a lot of received ideas about our prehistory. Based on the overwhelming discoveries of our guests: the paleoanthropologist Antoine Balzeau which has just proved, with fossils to support it after a fascinating investigation, that Neanderthals buried their dead, nearly 41,000 years ago, far from the image of a thick brute that still sticks to their skin… How far will we train our close Neanderthal cousins? But also their contemporaries in Africa, the first modern humans who emerged at the time on the African continent? Who were they? How did they live? Paleoanthropologist Isabelle Crevecoeur, one of the few to work on the past diversity of modern humans in Africa, will share her surprising avenues of research.

With Isabelle Crevecoeur, paleoanthropologist, she works on questions of the past diversity of modern humans in Africa and the biological and behavioral variability of Neanderthals

– Antoine Balzeau, paleoanthropologist, researcher at the CNRS and at the National Museum of Natural History in UMR 7194 “Natural History of Prehistoric Man”. The CNRS press release: Neanderthals buried their dead.


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