What measures did the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev suggest after the protests? The main thing

Law enforcement reform

  • The security system of Kazakhstan will be reorganized.
  • “It is necessary to restructure the work of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, national security agencies, and foreign intelligence.”
  • New units of the National Guard and special forces will be formed, the border service will be strengthened.
  • “To increase the salaries of employees of special forces of all law enforcement agencies. Increase the legal protection of police officers, toughen responsibility for attacking a government official and disobeying legal requirements. “

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev also said that the main mission of the CSTO peacekeepers has been completed. In two days, their withdrawal will begin, the process will take no more than 10 days.

Economic and social measures

  • The Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK) is being reformed. “DBK has essentially turned into a personal bank for a narrow circle of people representing financial, industrial and construction groups. We know everyone by surname, “Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev emphasized.
  • A five-year moratorium is being introduced on increasing the salaries of deputies, akims and members of the government. The salaries of public sector employees will grow.
  • A public social fund will be created to solve social problems. “Thanks to the first president – the elbasy (Nursultan Nazarbayev. – “B”), a group of very profitable companies and a layer of wealthy people appeared in the country, even by international standards. I believe that it has come to pay tribute to the people of Kazakhstan and help them on a systematic and regular basis, ”Tokayev said.
  • Within two months, a program will be adopted to increase the income of the population.
  • “All obligations and guarantees of the state will be fulfilled” to restore investor confidence.
  • It is necessary to ensure accurate monitoring, verification and control of transactions of persons who unreasonably withdraw funds from the country.



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