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Vicky Whitea 56-year-old officer who had served for 17 years as an exemplary Alabama detention center officer, and Casey White38, a repeat offender awaiting trial for murder, were arrested on a street in Evansville, Indiana, following a car chase.

The prisoner was driving a Ford truck accompanied by the prison officer (with whom he shares a last name but they are not related) when the police began to chase them, reported Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton.

“Casey White was driving this vehicle. Vicky White was in the passenger seat. During the chase, the truck had an accident. Casey White gave up. Vicky White was taken to the hospital,” he said. Finally it was learned that the agent had shot herself with a firearm.

“Casey White is under arrest again,” Sheriff Singleton told reporters.

“Today we have taken a dangerous man off the street. He will never see the light of day again.”. That’s a good thing, not just for our community. It is a good thing for our country,” added Singleton, for whom the resolution of this case that has captured the attention of many Americans was a top priority.

Inmate Casey White and his previous escape attempt

The fugitives aroused interest due to the enormous contrasts: she was a prison officer with “exemplary behavior” until she escaped, and he was a criminal sentenced to 75 years in prison for a long series of crimes who was also He is accused of murder after admitting that he killed a 58-year-old woman in 2015.

Federal and local law enforcement have also been made aware that the prisoner, who is 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 meters) and weighs about 260 pounds (118 kilos) threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and her sister in 2015 and said “that he wanted the police to kill him”.

This was not the first escape attempt. In 2020, while White was being held at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, authorities learned that he was planning a hostage breakout, Sheriff Singleton said.

“We did a search and we found a knife in his possession, a prison knife, and we recovered it. We immediately sent it back to the Department of Corrections,” Singleton said.

Last week, the United States Marshals Service published a series of images of the inmate, bare-chested, showing various tattoos, some of which are related to a white supremacist prison gang based in Alabama, Southern Brotherhood.

On the back he wears a Confederate flag with the words “Southern Pride” (“Southern Pride”), and on the chest a Nazi swastika and the letters “SS” in the style of Nazi shock groups.

According to Sheriff Singleton, the prisoner suffers from a mental illness and has had a drug abuse.

Singleton, however, states that he behaves like a “decent person” when medicated under supervision, that he can even be friendly.

“I wasn’t surprised Casey ran away,” his attorney Dale Bryant was quoted as saying in a CNN report. “I was surprised who she ran away with. I had never heard of her,” he added.

The questions that were left unanswered about Vicky White

The authorities presume that the two had a romantic relationship, which began in an Alabama prison, where Vicky gave him “special treatment” by providing him with more food and other privileges that the other prisoners did not have.

On April 29, the official had informed her co-workers that she was going to release the inmate from jail to submit him to a mental health evaluation in court, an opportunity they took advantage of to flee the state.

Authorities later discovered that neither the court evaluation nor the medical appointment had been scheduled, after which they issued a warrant for Vicky Sue White’s arrest, charging her with allowing or facilitating first degree elopement.

The woman, who was divorced in 1991 after a three-year, childless marriage, had sold her home before disappearing for about $90,000, below market value. Vicky White bought an AR-15 and other weapons days before her escape, and the night before her escape she slept in a hotel.

The getaway car was later found abandoned in Tennessee, but there was no trace of the couple until US Marshals received a tip Sunday that surveillance photos from an Evansville car wash showed a man who looked very similar. Casey White getting out of a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup, the Marshals Service said.

Before his death was announced, the Alabama sheriff said he hoped to get answers from his trusted prison employee about his actions, but acknowledged those answers might not come. “I had all the confidence in Vicky White. She has been an exemplary employee. What has caused her, what has led her to do a maneuver like this? I don’t know. I don’t know if we will ever know,” he said. Singleton.



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