What is the strongest character in Street Fighter? No, it’s not Ryu

The series of Street Fighter it is still considered today among the best 2D fighting games ever made, loved above all for the charisma of its protagonists. Each new iteration of the signed brand Capcom has always introduced a large group of unpublished fighters, with increasingly sophisticated movesets and therefore able to give players great satisfaction.

Waiting for the release of Street Fighter 6, which promises to introduce a large array of new faces, have you ever wondered what is the strongest character in Street Fighter among those already known? First of all, it must be said that Capcom has never officially revealed which fighter actually excels all the others, but over time both numerous international newspapers (such as Gamerant and The Gamer) and fans through the most popular forums (such as Gamefaqs ) tried to give the answer by analyzing not only the gameplay but also the lore of the saga.

That said, it turns out that Street Fighter’s strongest fighter is Oroa character who first appears in Street Fighter III: New Generation 1997. In the lore, Oro is an over 100 year old hermit who has spent decades in isolation and meditation to increase his skills: he can effortlessly defeat even his most powerful opponents, while always fighting with one hand, a personal choice to avoid showing all one’s superiority during duels.

From critics and audiences also the iconic Akumaoriginally appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo of 1994, he is repeatedly cited as the most powerful fighter in the franchise alongside Gold. The warrior is unmatched in combat, he has mastered the dark arts of Satsui no Hado and is capable of transforming itself into its definitive version, They, unleashing its terrifying potential. And after all, it’s hard to forget his very first appearance in Street Fighter as a secret boss, when he enters the scene by defeating in a few moments M.Bison and thus proving to the players that they are right to fear him in battle.

Speaking of character challenges, have you ever wondered who is the strongest between Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter?

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