What is the perfect school backpack for going back to school?

What is the perfect school backpack for going back to school?

The school backpack must not exceed 15% of the total weight of the child who carries it.

  • How the ideal school backpack should be
  • What happens if the school backpack weighs a lot?
  • You don’t have to put everything in your backpack.
  • Are backpacks with wheels a good option?
  • More exercise with back to school

With the return to school, the backpacks they take again Protagonism. Whether it was the one from the previous year, taken advantage of by a brother or acquaintance, or brand new, the backpack is one of the Fundamental pieces of school supplies what to have in place for start the new course.

But it is worth paying attention to a series of recommendations because if the design is not adequate or it is loaded with a lot of weight, it can cause Back pain in the child and, in the long term, that he has a shorter height than he should.

The Dr. Helena Bascuñanarehabilitation physician and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (SERMEF) gives us some basic recommendationsnot always known by parents, to avoid problems.


Folder, case, books, notebooks… “Boys and girls usually carry backpacks with much more weight than they should and back pain often appears”says Dr. Bascuñana.

Thus, a “healthy” backpack must meet the following requirements according to the doctor:

  • must not exceed 15% of the total weight who takes it
  • Must be padded back.
  • Las basic must be wide.
  • It is advisable that you have a belt to be able to abrocharse to the waist.
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What happens if the school backpack weighs a lot?

Carrying a lot of weight in the backpack not only causes Back painalso can negatively affect height of the child.

“In the long term, carrying a lot of weight in the backpack can cause the child or adolescent to have a smaller size than you shouldwarns Dr. Bascuñana. “We Spaniards have improved in size because our diet has improved, but also because it has child labor disappearedgo on.

“Child labor caused children to carry a large load of weight, with consequences for their size, and now this situation can occur again with the weight of the backpackswhich in some cases is very high”he concludes.

You don’t have to put everything in your backpack.

The backpack can have a fantastic design, but you have to use it correctly. In this sense, the rehabilitative doctor recalls that it is necessary to avoid putting her in shoulder bag mode and always use both strips.

But, above all, it is very important to think carefully about what the child is going to meter in the backpack:“You don’t have to take everything, just what you need. It is very important that heChildren get in the habit of planning what they need to bring the next day to try to carry as little weight as possible”assures.

“In addition, the ideal would be that they carry e-books. Now it is a very widespread practice and with the computer they take almost everything they need. If there is no option, it is better that the books have the soft covers to weigh less”advises the spokesperson for the Spanish Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine.

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Are wheeled backpacks a good option?

Many parents think that wheeled backpacks are the perfect solution so that the child does not carry so much weight on his back, but this is not entirely true.

“They are comfortable to go on the way to school, but they are uncomfortable to move within the school itself because there are stairs and the children end up lifting the backpackraising it with one hand and causing the weight distribution is worsewith the risk of generating back pain”says the specialist.

More exercise with back to school

For a healthy return to school, Dr. Bascuñana also recalls that in this time of reign of screens it is more important than ever for children to exercise.

Las screens are synonymous with sedentary lifestylewhich is a risk factor for many diseases.

Meanwhile he exercise strengthens the muscles, which benefits the general health of the child and also increases their school performance because it is good for the brain. This is how the specialist explains it:

  • He muscle releases hormones called myokine.
  • Myokines have brain receptors that help improve memory.

“That’s why the recipe for a good exam is sleep well and exercise daily. The exercise also increases the cerebral cortex and academic performance by increasing the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain”assures.

Thus, in extracurricular activities for children, sports activities should have a leading role: football, basketball, skating…

But any physical exercise is good if it prevents the child from sitting in front of a screen. Even play pillar on the streetsays the specialist.

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