Thanks to the fact that iPhones have been adding models with a lot of storage space for a few years, it is more difficult to fill it with things. However, it is possible that in a maintenance routine you want to free up space. This is where you can find that Other space takes up a lot of storage on your iPhone, so it may interest you slim it down. Let’s see how.

What is the Others space on the iPhone

First of all, it is good to know where to find the storage distribution on your iPhone. It is a menu that we will find on the iPhone by going to Settings> General> iPhone Storage. There we will see the different groups of data that occupy the space of the iPhone.

In general, the photos stored on our device take up the most space on it. The apps too, because here we find some like WhatsApp or video games. If let’s download music to listen later, as well as episodes and series of other services of streamingWe will see them in the Multimedia section. Other minor categories are Mail, Apple Books, Messages or iCloud Drive, which will appear depending on our use of them.

In the last place we find Others, which groups different elements such as the iPhone cache, system files, Siri voices, updates, Spotlight index, fonts, dictionaries and other things related to iOS. Cached files that we have enjoyed via streaming without downloading. Photos, videos and music that are categorized here instead of in their category.

How to reduce the size of the Others space on iPhone


As we can see, reducing the Others space on the iPhone is not always going to be possible. There are essential files in the system that we are there, being more effective to look for other ways to gain storage in the iPhone. Delete multimedia content from WhatsApp, activate photo optimization in iCloud, among other things.

If we still want to reduce the Others space at all costs, there are a few things we can do. Usually, Apple advises that its devices manage the cache memory automatically, erasing when they consider it convenient. But we can clear the iPhone cache, which includes Safari, other caches, and third-party caches.

How to delete old iPhone backups on macOS

The radical option, as is often the case, is also the most expensive. It consists of making a backup copy in iCloud, erase the device and put the backup again. Mind you, be prepared to have a good handful of time to do it.

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