What is the most drink that destroys the liver and infects it with cancer?

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Monday 20 June 2022


The liver is a football-sized organ on the right side of the abdomen, located just below the diaphragm and protected by the lower ribs of the rib cage. It is the largest organ in the body.

The liver helps in digesting food and forming the substances the body needs. It also participates in many different processes in the body. Consuming large amounts of alcohol over a long period can damage the liver. The liver is similar to the chemical factory in the body, as it produces many important substances. , Like, according to the Emirati statement website.

We all know that drinking alcohol has severe negative effects on the liver, but now, a new study has found that drinking certain drinks can increase the likelihood of developing liver cancer.

The study, presented at the “2022 Nutrition Live” online event, looked at a sample of more than 90,000 women who drank sugary drinks like soda compared to those who drank less than three times a month.

Researchers found that postmenopausal women were more likely to develop liver cancer in general, and that if they drank at least one sugary drink a day, they had a 78 percent increased risk of developing cancer, according to Eat This, Not That.

“If our findings are confirmed, reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages may be a public health strategy to reduce the burden of liver cancer,” says Dr. Xuehong Zhang, assistant professor in the Harvard Department of Nutrition.

“Soft drinks can damage the liver by causing a build-up of fat, which eventually leads to liver disease,” said nutritionist Trista Best.

“This is primarily due to the refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup that these drinks stack with,” she explained.

Some studies suggest that refined sugar may have a more harmful effect on the liver than alcohol, especially when consumed in large amounts.



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