What is the most convenient way to urinate for prostate health?

What is the most convenient way to urinate for prostate health?


Sport Most of them usually urinate standing up but, as they get older, the tendency changes towards the comfort of doing it sitting down. What is healthier for the prostate?

sport What is the most convenient way to urinate for prostate health?
What is the most convenient way to urinate for prostate health?

A recent study carried out by the company YouGov in Europe, indicates that British men are among the least likely to sit down to urinate, at 33% that affirms never to do it, tied with Poland. only the 24% of the British and 27% of the Poles affirm do it always or almost always sitting down. The men older Germans (55 and over) are especially prone to always sit down to urinatewith a 49%, in front of 28% of young people between 18 and 34 years old.

How do we do it in Spain?

In the case of spainhe 14% of the male population sit down to urinate every time and a 20% do it most of the time. On the contrary, a 28% respond to always urinate standing upbeing this option the most chosen by Spanish men.

Beyond comfort: What differences are there between doing it sitting or standing? Is it true that one of the forms is healthier than the other for the prostate? Some studies suggest that the position of the body when urinating can influence the volume of urine flow and make it difficult to empty completely.

Experts in physiotherapy and urology, experts agree that “there is no direct connection between urinating sitting down and having fewer prostate problems.”

The position to urinate “it depends more on individual circumstances and personal preferences than on a clearly defined health benefit”. Although it is true that, in some cases, it might be better to do it sitting down.

It is true that there are men who, with age, “their prostate grows and they may have difficulty urination due to a weaker flow due to compression of the prostate”. In these cases, perhaps it would be convenient to urinate sitting down because it would give them a certain advantage over standing up, when it comes to emptying the bladder and making it easier. Only in patients who experience urinary problems, such as a weak urinary stream or intermittently due to an enlarged prostate, it may be more comfortable and practical to urinate while sitting down. This is so because doing it in this way can allow a more complete emptying of the bladder by facilitating the relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles.

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In addition, having a weaker flow due to prostatic compression, they may notice benefits because the urine stream comes out scattered, so correct direction can be difficult if they urinate standing up.

Sport Does peeing sitting down have benefits for the prostate?

In men who are already experiencing symptoms of an enlarged prostate, urinating while sitting down can facilitate more complete emptying of the bladder. In this regard, these men should seek medical attention to treat the underlying cause of their symptoms.

And the best option is…

In general, it is recommended that men urinate when they feel the urge to do so and ensure that they completely empty their bladder each time. For men with symptoms of an enlarged prostate, such as a weak urinary stream, urinating while sitting down can make it easier to empty the bladder.

In many cases, the recommendation to urinate sitting down only makes hygienic sense, since doing it this way avoids splashing. In turn, this reduces the risk of infections. On the other hand, for many men, peeing sitting down is more comfortable than standing up.

Sport Tips to take care of the prostate

These three pillars are basic:

  1. take care of food
  2. quit tobacco
  3. Reduce obesity or overweight with physical exercise.

Regarding food:

  • avoid spicy foods
  • moderate or avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages due to the diuretic and irritating effect they have at the bladder level, negatively influencing the frequency and urgency of micturition
  • diets rich in animal fats, red meat, omega 3 acid, zinc supplements and low in vegetables, particularly broccoli and cauliflower, may be related to the development of prostate cancer
  • the intake of soy and products derived from it, lycopene, an antioxidant rich in tomatoes, and the consumption of more than 6 cups of coffee a day could be protective factors against prostate cancer.
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Physical exercise is also important: recent studies indicate that one of the main risks for prostate problems is obesityso physical exercise is key.

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