What is the 'Mommy Makeover' that many 'celebrities' undergo?

Certainly, as we already know, Pregnancy is a process that modifies the mother’s body: the breasts increase in size, the uterus expands to acquire a volume like never before and the abdomen increases, also gaining a few kilograms of weight. After giving birth and finishing breastfeeding, not everything returns to its normal state: the breasts lose their smoothness, the uterus does recover its normal volume, but the skin surrounding the abdomen may have lost its elasticity. Even some of those kilos may not have gone completely.

The term Mommy Makeover It could be translated as the change that occurs in the image of the newly released mother after childbirth and is appearing, more and more, between thecelebrities that have just been released in the maternity hospital or are doing so for the second or third time. They are a set of plastic surgery interventions whose purpose is precisely to recover the shape and smoothness of the breasts, achieve a flat abdomen and eliminate excess fat, also focusing on the legs.

However, two questions arise: Are these interventions suitable for everyone? Can they be done at any time? To solve them, as well as to explain what these interventions consist of, we wanted to talk to the Dr. Maribel Serranoaesthetic doctor, and the Dr. Raquel Camposobstetric gynecologist, both from the Tufet Clinic of the portal.

Abdominal flaccidity, the most recurring aesthetic problem

In addition to the difficulties that we encounter during the postpartum period, which leave us little time to think about anything else, aesthetic problems appear that gradually become visible and, for many women, are really frustrating. The most common, the doctors point out, are usually:

  • Flaccidity at the abdominal level.
  • Decreased muscle tone.
  • Localized fat.
  • The appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, hips and flanks.
  • The weight gain produced throughout the pregnancy, which leaves us with extra kilos.
  • In addition, women tend to be very concerned about the appearance of spots on the face or varicose veins in the lower extremities.
  • Of course, the appearance of the chest after breastfeeding.
  • Even, at times, hair loss and alteration in its quality.
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How can the ‘Mommy Makeover’ help moms?

All the aforementioned problems, she tells us, make many women obsess at the beginning of their motherhood with recovering their image and, in the case of some of them, trying to improve it, with special (and sometimes dangerous) diets and a lot of gymnastics. . But others, for example, resort to cosmetic or surgical treatments that help them. As long as it is not harmful and has benefits, they are as valid as, of course, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise..

And these surgical treatments is what is known as Mommy Makeoverto which many resort celebritiesand what they are, they explain to us, “a personalized protocol that includes a series of interventions or treatment aimed at improving all those aspects related to physical appearance and well-being and that, as we have seen, worry women after a pregnancy”. They are not treatments that focus only on one area, “but the woman can be treated as a whole, even with interventions at a general level.” Because, as we have seen, the concerns are many and varied.

To be able to submit to this protocol, yes, “it is important make an in-depth assessment by different medical professionals. are treatments “suitable for all patients”, they tell us, although this does not mean that all patients have the same needs, hence the importance of personalized care. And, in order to submit to it, “it would be proper to hope that the patient passes the quarantine to make a first visit where their concerns are exposed and to be able to prepare a treatment program based on their needs”, they explain to us. Although, they point out, “if it is some type of gynecological disorder, it could be considered starting earlier.”

Treatments that are included in a ‘Mommy Makeover’

The treatments included in a Mommy Makeover protocol go from head to toe, the doctors remind us, so they can be very varied, but among those that stand out the most are:

  • Recovery of the hair quality and density“with personalized treatments with injections of centrifuge solution or autologous micrografts obtained from the patient’s own tissue”.
  • At the facial, neck and décolleté level, it is sought, above all, solve skin pigmentation problemswith a personalized study and trying to homogenize the skin tone in each case.
  • With respect to chest, “it is the clinic’s surgeons who assess the specific needs of each patient’s breasts and determine the most suitable surgical technique and approach for each case.” Treatments range from including prostheses or fat to compensate for volume loss, to breast reduction or even an intervention to raise the breasts without prostheses.
  • Refering to zona abdominal, works from the inside out, strengthening the abdominal wall through a multitude of treatments. From non-surgical and barely invasive protocols, such as radiofrequency or lipomassage to reaffirm the skin that LPG appliances allow us, to those that are surgical, such as abdominoplasties, either through diastasis repair (the separation that occurs in the rectus abdominis) or by liposuction to remove fat.
  • Genital levelIt will depend on whether there is associated urinary incontinence or not, but vaginal hyperlaxity or vaginal relaxation syndrome can be improved by urogynecological laser treatment and, in more serious cases, require a perienoplasty, which is already a surgical approach. If there is urinary incontinence, more common than we think, tension threads can be placed, always gynecological evaluation.
  • As for the lower extremities, after an initial assessment by a vascular surgeon with an ultrasound study involved, the best therapeutic option for the sclerosis of the veins that have produced the unsightly varicose veins will be determined, which is what most often worries newly released mothers. In the case of orange peel skin or cellulite, there are recommended body mesotherapy treatments for this moment.
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Do all these treatments have some kind of danger?

The second question that arose at the beginning was whether this type of protocol may carry any associated risk or side effect that should concern us. However, the doctors say that “with a good accessory and follow-up always by endorsed medical professionals, they do not imply danger”.

However, regarding the existence or not of contraindications, the case must be assessed individually, “because each medical treatment has a series of contraindications of its own and, therefore, must be specified.” For example, she explains, “if you are breastfeeding, you should postpone any treatment that involves the breast area, whatever it may be.” Or gynecological treatments, which would be contraindicated if there is a malignant pathology associated with certain types of infections that may appear.

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