What is the Life Annuity, how to apply for it and what are its requirements?

Under the regime of the IMSS Law of 1997 there are three ways to access one pension: guaranteed minimum pension, scheduled withdrawal Y annuity, and it is this last modality that we are going to share with you the requirements to process it once the time of withdrawal has arrived.

You must first comply with those that correspond to the workers who contributed under the IMSS Law of 1997:

  • Due to unemployment: be 60 years old at the time of application.
  • For old age: be 65 years old at the time of requesting the pension.
  • Have at least 1,250 weeks listed with the IMSS.
  • Being discharged from the Mandatory Regime of the Social Security Law.

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The required documents are the following:

  • Valid official identification with photograph and signature
  • Account statement of the Afore corresponding to your insurer
  • Account statement with Standardized Banking Code number (CLABE)
  • Positive or negative resolution issued by the IMSS

What is the annuity pension?

It is a pension that is contracted with an insurer, although not all grant it and the IMSS can tell you which ones do.

However, consider that the amount of the pension will depend on the balance you have saved in your Afore account and is updated according to inflation. The life annuity guarantees you a pension for life, although you must purchase survivorship insurance that will allow the beneficiaries of the beneficiary to receive the pension upon his death.

To apply for the annuity:

  • Go to the corresponding IMSS sub-delegation and submit your pension application
  • The IMSS must give you the Offer Document which will contain all the information on the insurers that can pay your pension.
  • Choose the one that suits you best because not all are the same and some may pay you more for your pension.
  • The document must be filled out by the IMSS according to your choice.
  • You must wait for the IMSS to issue a resolution.
  • Once there is a resolution, you can go to your Afore so that it can proceed to pay you your pension.

Take into account that if you want to retire early without reaching the established age, you can do so as long as the amount calculated under the life annuity modality is greater than 30 percent of the minimum guaranteed pension.

If there is a surplus of money in your savings, you can withdraw it in cash. In addition, the provision of resources and their returns will be exempt from taxes.

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