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The Consular Registration is an essential requirement for Mexicans living in another country.

The Mexican authorities seek to identify and care for compatriots residing in foreign countries. (Shutterstock)

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Residing in another country, although it may be thought that it is the ‘dream’ of many, has certain rules or protocols to follow in order to have an official registration with the government as a foreign person.

In that sense, the Consular registration It is an essential requirement for Mexicans living in another country. It is an official document issued by the federal government so that the citizens of Mexico can be identified as such abroad.

Thus, this document complies with the purpose of locating and protecting compatriots, and is exclusive to comply with the above, so it cannot be used to travel to other countries or to carry out procedures.

  • At the same time, the consular registration seeks to meet the following goals for the Mexican government:
  • Identification of compatriots in cases of natural disasters
  • Recognition of citizens in political or social events
  • Location of compatriots in situations of any kind that could put their safety at risk

In turn, this document can be used to carry out the following procedureswhen identified as a high reliability certificate:

  • open bank accounts
  • Process the driver’s license

How to process the Consular Registration in Mexico?

  • Request an appointment through MEXITEL website
  • Go to the appointment established at the corresponding consular office on the date and time indicated
  • Accredit Mexican nationality and identity through one of the following documents:
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Accreditation of Mexican nationality:

  • Certified copy of the birth certificate issued by any Civil Registry office
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate issued by the consular offices
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality
  • naturalization letter
  • Passport

Proof of identity:

  • INE
  • Driver’s license
  • Certificate of studies issued by the SEP
  • Passport
  • Allow the collection of biometric data
  • Sign the compliance sheet, once the applicant has submitted the documentation.

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