What is the chevron and why does it walk steadily in the universe of elegance?

What is the chevron and why does it walk steadily in the universe of elegance?

The new Parador collection is a tribute to chevron parquet

The chevron has graced the most sophisticated floors since the early 16th century. Originating in France and inspired by the famous flame etching pattern, its style and design have stood the test of time. That’s why Parador, the international furniture firm, has not hesitated to make this parquet the protagonist of its new collectiona tribute to the classic elegance of this pattern.

Traditionally known as the French version of the herringbone installation, chevron parquet offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating elegant designs for any stay. The classic alternating composite creates a stunning two-tone aesthetic and is one of the most visually striking patterns, combining geometric shapes and dynamic orientation.

Oak, light colors and bevelled

The new collection of parador includes six multi-faceted oak floors that range from light colors that appear untreated, to classic natural to rich, dark tones that can be integrated into any design. As the brand assures, “the slats of the parquet chevron are beveled at a 45° angle. By using left and right slats, the installation is not fixed to a single pattern and can be varied. After installation the blocks form a continuous ‘V’, which is what makes chevron flooring so distinctive.”

The lacquer-sealed matt surface protects the parquet, gives it the natural look of an oiled surface and emphasizes the color and structure of the floor. Four-sided mini-bevel ensures a seamless and seam pattern. Besides, parador is in charge of using only selected woods from sustainably managed forests.

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