What is the best medium to keep data long and safe even in case of full backup

Thanks to digitization, data, information and documents, even those that are confidential, can now be stored, archived and consulted in complete safety. Usually, the data is located on your PC, whether it is desktop or laptop.

However, it can happen that the hard disk is damaged, for example due to a power surge, and everything is lost. To overcome this problem, the best solution is always to periodically make a total backup of your data. To do so, among other things, at least on two different supports. Here then, in this regard, all the useful information on how to proceed.

What is the best medium to keep data long and safe even in case of full backup

In detail, the classic solution to periodically and completely back up the data on your PC is to use a key. That is, an external memory medium that, for example, can then be kept in a safe.

This is the first answer as to what is the best medium to keep data and to keep it for a long time. However, especially when there are data, photos, videos, documents and / or information on the PC that absolutely cannot be lost, then it is good to make a periodic and total backup without using mass memories. That is, without relying on the hard disk of your PC and not even or in any case only on the key as an external and pocket memory support. So let’s see how to proceed and how to do it in detail.

The cloud is the answer for a total and secure backup of all your sensitive data

The cloud is the truly safe and definitive answer, for a total and secure backup of all your sensitive data. So to lock them up using dedicated services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and even iCloud Drive. Specifically, these are services that allow you to make a total backup and to be able to access the data saved on the cloud from any device.

In most cases, in their basic version, the above cloud services are always free. So, total backup is always possible without ever spending a dollar. However, we always make sure to use a strong password to access the chosen cloud service.

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