What is the best lawn tractor to choose in 2022?

After a busy week, we like to be able to rest on the weekend. Instead of spending time mowing your lawn, let the tractor mower do it for you. All you have to do is sit in your vehicle and your lawn tractor will do the rest for you, thanks to a self-carrying system. You will see, the result is stunning

The selection of the 10 best lawn tractors to choose from in 2022:

MTD 13AA26SC600 Minirider 60 rde: one of the most robust lawn tractors

MTD 13AA26SC600 – DR

This is a very solid lawn tractor suitable for large spaces. Do you have a large garden? This is good, because this model can advance on large surfaces. The icing on the cake, it has several cutting choices depending on the volume of your lawn, including an extra turning radius of 46 cm. Another advantage: it offers the Transmatic Transmision function. This allows you to change gears without having to stop or disengage. All you have to do is let go of the pedal and select your speed for the lawn mower to be done on its own. In addition, you will no doubt appreciate the wide range of accessories that this product includes (charger, bumpers, towing kit, etc.). Finally, its engine is robust, guaranteeing good cutting efficiency.

Most :

  • Many accessories
  • Automatic gear change
  • Powerful single-cylinder engine

The lessers :

  • A notice too little provided

Vounot tractor lift: a very ergonomic lawn tractor

Vounot – DR

As its name suggests, this model is equipped with a vertical lifting system, in order to be able to adjust the heights according to your needs, between 43 and 61 cm, with 8 adjustable locks in total. It adapts to all lawns. Very easy to handle, it also takes up little space and is therefore very practical for small spaces. You will also find that it is very light (2.5 kg) and therefore easy to move around. Also, its metal material makes it a very sturdy piece of equipment. Finally, it is very easy to assemble.

Most :

  • Small format
  • Solid
  • Easy to assemble
  • Height adjustable

The lessers :

  • Small load capacity (50 kg)

MTD MINIRIDER 76 SDE: the best lawn tractor for large spaces


This model is aimed at owners of large gardens (from 3000 m2). Practical, it has a mulching system, which means that it chops the grass and redeposits it on the lawn. Result: you no longer need to go back and forth to empty your collection box. In addition, the grass acts as a natural fertilizer and protects your lawn from drought. In addition, this model has a good cutting width, at a height of 76 cm, a very practical electric starter and 6 different speeds, adapted to your needs.

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Most :

  • Features mulching function
  • 6 different speeds
  • Electric starter
  • Convenient to maneuver

The lessers :

  • Material not sturdy enough
  • Lack of information on the capacity of the collection bag

KO POWERLINE T 20-102 HDEP: the lawn tractor with the best cutting width


Equipped with a 2-cylinder engine, this model has excellent power. It is also very popular for its large cutting width of 102 cm, which will save you a considerable number of trips on the lawn. As you will have understood, this lawn tractor is particularly aimed at those with a large garden. In addition, it adapts to a large number of needs since it has 6 different cutting widths. The capacity of the bin is of good quality (300 L): a considerable saving of time because you will not need to empty it constantly.

Most :

  • Excellent cutting width
  • Good container capacity
  • Oil change assistance
  • 6 different cutting widths

The lessers :

  • No guarantee
  • Lack of headlights

Husqvarna TC 130: an easy-to-maneuver lawn tractor

Husqvarna TC 130
Husqvarna TC 130 – DR

With a good cutting width, at a height of 77 cm, this equipment is aimed at owners of a medium-sized garden. Its drive wheels also make it an effective mowing ally. At the same time, this model is very easy to maneuver and has an integrated collection box at the rear part. Its small size allows you to make U-turns quite easily. You will also appreciate the volume of the collector bag, 200 L, which will save you a whole series of round trips.

Most :

  • Presence of headlights
  • Good capacity of the collection bag
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Drive wheels

The lessers :

AL-KO POWERLINE T 15-92 HD: a very practical lawn tractor


With its 6 different cutting widths, this model adapts to all requirements. Its 300 L tank will also offer you a serious time saving, because you will not need to empty it constantly. The emptying is also done via pneumatic assistance. Note that the motor is of very good quality (2900 revolutions per minute), giving your equipment good cutting efficiency. Finally, the cutting width is 92 cm: it is therefore preferable to use your equipment if you have a medium-sized garden.

Most :

  • Headlights included
  • Engine power
  • Good capacity of the collecting tank
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The lessers :

  • Lack of drive wheels
  • Not suitable for large spaces

AL-KO Solo T18-95.5 HD Powerline: one of the lawn tractors with the best cutting width

AL-KO Solo T18-95.5 HD Powerline
AL-KO Solo T18-95.5 HD Powerline – DR

This is a model with an excellent 2-cylinder engine, very efficient power for mowing your lawn. Its maintenance is simple and it has a good cutting width, up to 102 cm. You can also choose between 6 different positions for the cutting height, from 30 to 90 mm. The tank has a good capacity, amounting to 300 L and the emptying is electric, which will save you a lot of time, compared to manual emptying. Plus, you’ll probably appreciate the hour meter feature, letting you know how many hours your equipment can run before it needs any maintenance. Finally, just like the MTD MINIRIDER 76 SDE, it has a mulching function, allowing you to mow without collecting.

Most :

  • Fonction mulching
  • Presence of an hour counter
  • Engine power

The lessers :

  • Blades should be maintained regularly

Mtd Smart Re 130 H: the lawn tractor with the best quality/price ratio

Mtd Smart Re 130 H
Mtd Smart Re 130 H – DR

If you are looking for a lawn tractor with a good cutting width, capable of covering a fairly large area, this model is your ally because it can go up to 92 cm and 3500 m2. The height varies between 30 and 95 mm, in 5 different positions. It therefore adapts to different demands. Its bag also has a fairly good capacity, amounting to 240 L and it has, like its counterparts, a mulching kit. Decor lovers will appreciate its black and red design, with a resolutely modern look.

Most :

  • Good cutting width
  • Suitable for fairly large gardens
  • Good collection capacity
  • 5 different positions

The lessers :

  • Engine a little less powerful than its competitors (one cylinder)

Lawn King MTD Minirider 60 SDE: the small lawn tractor

Lawn King MTD Minirider 60 SDE
Lawn King MTD Minirider 60 SDE – DR

Don’t have a lot of space in your garage? Then this model is for you. It is one of the smallest lawn tractors on the market. Given its format, it is primarily intended for owners of a small garden (approximately 1000 m2). You can choose between 6 different driving speeds, in order to handle it as you wish, while having the possibility of performing a forward or reverse gear. In addition, despite its small size, it has a very suitable power of 3300 W: it is thus very effective on small surfaces.

Most :

  • Good size/power ratio
  • Small format
  • Forward and reverse option
  • Energy efficient

The lessers :

  • Not suitable for large spaces
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Alpina Trattorino BT66: a fairly quiet lawn tractor

Alpina Mini Tractor BT66
Alpina Mini tractor BT66 – DR

This equipment is equipped with a good quality motor, which gives power and efficiency to your mowing. In addition, its 3.8 L tank is quite practical, because you can space out the fill-ups. You will undoubtedly appreciate the 6 different positions in terms of cutting height, ranging from 30 to 80 mm depending on your desires. Equipped with the mulching function, this model will save you time while acting as a natural fertilizer. When driving, you can choose between 4 different speeds and enjoy the forward or reverse option. Finally, this lawn tractor emits little noise and thus offers considerable comfort of use.

Most :

  • 6 different cutting heights
  • Little noisy
  • 2.6kW motor

The lessers :

  • quite energy intensive
  • Covers small areas only

How to choose the transmission of a lawn tractor?

You will find two types of transmissions on a lawn tractor: the mechanical transmission, comprising a manual gearbox, like a car, and the hydrostatic transmission, of the automatic type. For the first, the clutch is engaged to change gears. Note that you will have to stop during this change (avoid doing it on a steep area). The second offers you the possibility of changing gear automatically with a one-pedal lever. Driving is more comfortable and it is particularly recommended if your terrain is steep, because you won’t have to stop and you can adapt your speed according to the state of your lawn, for example.

What cutting width for your lawn tractor?

Cutting width lets you know how much grass your equipment will cut (the larger the cutting width, the less back and forth you need to cut). Note that small-format lawn tractors will have a reduced cutting width. For large gardens, you are advised to bet on a cutting width of around 115 cm. A word of advice: prefer the drive wheels, as they will offer you greater cutting efficiency.

You are now ready to choose a lawn tractor adapted to your needs and those of your garden.

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