What is Renault’s first coupe SUV worth?

The Arkana is the first coupe SUV offered by Renault. Beyond the more fluid style, what will this hybrid offer its users?

The model tested

The Renault Arkana put at our disposal was presented with the top-of-the-range RS Line finish which starts at 36,100 euros. It is the only one to be able to receive the metallic shade Valencia Orange offered as an option against 650 euros.

As standard, it is associated with exclusive alloy rims with red insert named ” Diamond silverstone »And fitted with 215/55 R18 comfort tires. This trim level includes dark-tinted rear windows and bezel, as well as mixed leather-suede upholstery with red stitching.

The model tested benefited from the Personalization pack (600 euros) identifiable with the black lacquered roof and the “RS Line” inscriptions on the body. The spoiler treated in the same way is charged 160 euros.

E-Tech 145

On its website, the manufacturer offers this coupe SUV with 2 microhybridization gasoline engines (TCe 140 EDC and TCe 160 EDC) and the E-Tech 145 hybrid. It is this last powertrain that we wanted to discover.

Based on the Captur base, the Arkana is assembled in Korea at Samsung, however with a French engine. The 1.6-liter atmospheric petrol unit is associated with two electric motors, including an alternator starter.

The movement is transmitted to the front wheels via a multi-mode clutchless dog gearbox. It is a 230 V lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity of 1.2 kWh which receives energy from regenerative braking.

143 cumulative horsepower

We find on the Arkana Hybrid a powertrain similar to that on board the Clio E-Tech. At best, Renault’s coupe SUV develops a cumulative power of 143 hp (105 kW), thanks to the thermal unit 94 hp (69 kW) and the main electric motor 48 hp (36 kW).

When it comes to torque, the engine has 148 Nm from 1.6 l petrol, 205 Nm from the main electric and 50 Nm from the alternator.

The assembly must be able, according to the technical characteristics communicated by the manufacturer, to take the SUV coupe from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.8 seconds. That’s a second longer than the 140-horsepower petrol version.

Generous space

A coupe is necessarily a car that sacrifices space in favor of a sportier line! With the Renault Arkana, you can immediately forget this statement. Already with the trunk on double bottom of 480 liters (1,263 l once the bench folded down), very accessible thanks to the large tailgate which characterizes the SUV cut. With a footprint of 4.57 x 1.82 m and a ground clearance of 200 mm, the machine comes with a relatively compact size.

Despite the roof drop peculiar to the coupé, and on condition of not curving the 2 meters, 4 adults will be well seated on board. On the bench seat with the fairly inclined backrest, the 2 passengers will be well seated. The fairly prominent ground tunnel will not prevent a fifth person from boarding, who will not however be able to take advantage of the well-padded armrests and storm doors.

Still at the rear, the legroom is more generous than on the Captur, thanks to a greater wheelbase of 2.72 m (against 2.64 m). Two USB sockets and one 12 V are offered to passengers seated on the bench.

Leap Forward

The Renault Arkana confirms the leap forward observed with the new Clio in terms of the quality of the materials used in the passenger compartment. The dashboard is well padded. Carbon-style inserts are present in different places. The integration is neat. Even the rigid parts in the lower parts are well put together and appear solid.

This good impression is complemented by the numerous storage spaces available, including the very deep glove box. But also by the presence of an induction charger for smartphone, an adjustable central armrest, and the hands-free key.

Well integrated into the dashboard, Renault’s Easy Link digital and tactile console benefits from good ergonomics for using a host of applications, including those available on your smartphone.

In color, the digital instrumentation is very readable behind the easy-to-use steering wheel equipped with function keys. ” We are much better installed than in a Peugeot 3008! », Judge Maxime Fontanier.

First turns of the wheel

The first turns of the wheel in the Renault Arkana make it possible to appreciate the direction of travel selector specific to the hybrid version and very pleasant to use.

Reaching a village at relatively low speed did not wake up the thermal block. According to the manufacturer, up to 80% of city driving time is done in electric mode. What potentially save 40% on fuel consumption. In this context, the evolution in the streets continues smoothly. This is what makes all the difference with the thermal versions. “How sweet in town! », Blurted Maxime Fontanier during the test.

In order to facilitate maneuvers, the driver can rely on the reversing camera and the sensors positioned all around the vehicle.

On departmental road …

Foot to the floor, the thermal block begins to roar. With the battery installed low enough at the rear, the behavior of the vehicle is very balanced on the road. The steering benefits from an excellent calibration of the assistance, revised after the first press tests last March.

The classic suspension with torsion axle at the rear reacts very well on degraded surfaces. In particular, thanks to the tires with fairly high sidewalls, comfort is preserved in these conditions, without taking up body roll. The whole thing provides a good feeling of security which is accentuated by effective braking.

… then fast lane

When it is heavily used, the gasoline engine lets express all its sportiness. At steady speed, however, it is relatively silent. Not as much as an electric car of course, but much better than a diesel or a downsized 3-cylinder petrol.

The model at our disposal benefited from the option ” Highway and traffic assistant »To 600 euros which presents itself as an active cruise control with maintenance in the lane. A set that we find very appreciable, both in slowdowns and in fluid traffic.

Our mainly road test revealed an average consumption of 7-8 liters. We are far from the 4.9-5.1 liters estimated according to the WLTP combined cycle. But these values ​​remain correct for a gasoline SUV with automatic transmission.

From 31,200 euros

In the RS Line finish, like the example we tested, the price list for the Arkana hybrid starts at 36,100 euros. The few options we have identified bring the price to 38,110 euros.

With the entry-level Zen, the first Losange cut SUV starts at 31,200 euros.