What is it and what is the facial roller or DermaRoller for?

What is it and what is the facial roller or DermaRoller for?

He Microneedling o DermaRoller It serves to reaffirm, reduce wrinkles, scars and spots. It is also known as a roller or facial roller.

It is a microneedle-based roller that makes the active ingredients of the cosmetics penetrate to a deeper level with a minimally invasive technique but that must be done well and with appropriate measures, especially hygiene.

This roller has multiple needles of a very small size. When we roll it through the skin, the small needles penetrate the cosmetic active ingredients to deeper layers because they open up microchannels. That is, they temporarily alter the skin but without damaging the healthy epidermis.

These small damages also have another effect. The microchannels that open in the skin provoke its response, causing cells called fibroblasts and that are in deep layers (in the dermis) to increase their collagen production.

Collagen is the fiber that gives support and structure to the skin, so if the collagen in the skin increases, firmness also increases.

This same action also helps to blur skin imperfections such as small scars, expression lines or stretch marks.

What are the applications of the facial roller?

First of all, it improves the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients, which is very interesting in the case of retinol or vitamin C.

Its mechanical action on the skin increases the thickness of the epidemis (the outermost layer) which improves density and firmness.

And, it is a great ally to combat flaccidity, wrinkles, spots, scars and even stretch marks.

How does it work?

The roller must be disinfected and the skin clean.

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First, the cosmetic is applied to the area to be treated and then the facial roller is slid several times and in various directions with very subtle pressure.

The sliding causes the cylinder to roll and the microneedles to penetrate the skin, which are the ones that cause the mechanical stimulation in the form of microlesions. By injuring the skin with the microneedles, we cause a controlled lesion that the skin closes immediately afterwards.

This stimulation induces a natural skin repair process and causes the release of growth factors that stimulate the multiplication of fibroblasts in the dermis and thus the generation of new collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (mainly hyaluronic acid) and thus accelerate repair. of the skin.

The cosmetics that we apply with the roller depend on the results that we seek.

If what interests us is correcting signs of aging, the best option is retinol; if we are looking for luminosity or to correct spots, vitamin C or even depigmenting active ingredients;

If what we are looking for is to improve hydration, hyaluronic acid will do well.

However, we should not combine it with exfoliating active ingredients or acids such as glycolic.

Obviously there are different types of devices for medical use and for use at home. The fundamental difference is the length of the needles. The greater the length, the greater the depth of the skin layer they penetrate.

It also influences the type of skin and the area to be treated. For example, longer microneedles are used for the skin of the body than for sensitive areas of the face.

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For home use, only those that penetrate at the stratum corneum level are recommended. or more superficial epidermis. That is, the shortest microneedles. They will produce a milder stimulation but will improve the penetration of your cosmetics.

When is it not indicated?

In case of any skin injury, such as wounds, eczema, infections, burns… or in case of rosacea, dermatitis or moles.

Nor in anticoagulated people, taking corticosteroids or pregnant or lactating.

After the treatment you must avoid exposing yourself to the sun and keep the skin very hydrated. And if a scab does come out, never tear it off.

Therefore, the facial roller is a good ally to complete our beauty routine. At home, use only home-use devices and follow the certified manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

Remember that medical devices are intended for application by specialists.

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