Psychotic pregnancy, what it is and the symptoms of the discomfort of Vera Miales, the companion of Amedeo Goria who reveals it in the house of Big Brother Vip 2021. Known by the medical name of “hysterical pregnancy “or pseudociesis or false pregnancy, it is a condition experienced by several women. Men can also experience this discomfort, even if in their case we are talking about empathic pregnancy or the Couvade syndrome and it is experienced mainly by men with a particular sensitivity. Among the most common symptoms we point out: weight gain, widespread pain, abdominal swelling and mood swings.

During a psychotic pregnancy, the female mind is convinced that she is pregnant, that is, that her body is hosting a baby. Among the most common symptoms are those typical of a real pregnancy such as nausea, breast tension, absence of menstruation and in some cases even an enlarged abdomen. The woman’s belief prompts the endocrine system and the pituitary gland to secrete the hormones estrogen and prolactin. The latter has the task of enlarging the breast and preparing it for breastfeeding.

Hysterical pregnancy, pseudociesis or false pregnancy: the symptoms

What are the symptoms of a hysterical pregnancy also known as pseudociesis or false pregnancy? Among the most common are: breast growth, changes in the nipples up to lactation, all symptoms that can occur in the case of women convinced that they are pregnant. In some cases, the false pregnancy ends only when the woman finds herself in the final phase of labor which of course does not end with the birth of a child.

It is not yet clear what causes a hysterical pregnancy. Generally this discomfort occurs in desperate women who dream of becoming moms and having a baby. In some cases, these are women who feel almost an obligation to become mothers and therefore do what their husbands or others expect of them: that is to be pregnant women.


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