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  • All about the facial masculinization, treatment with hyaluronic acid to define masculine features that has led to a revolution in the aesthetic medicine for men.
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    Let those who do not want to be handsome, look attractive and feel good about themselves and their physique, throw the first stone. Nobody, right? Even the least narcissistic cares minimally about their beauty. But there are aspects that men’s cosmetics such as creams or serums do not reach (see these 10 beauty resolutions to be more handsome this new year). That is when another level comes into play, not necessarily having to go through an operating room or perform invasive techniques that involve a more radical change, there is quick and easy treatments they are not laborious for the patient.

    One of the most popular in recent times has been the facial masculinization, a treatment with which highlight the masculine features of the face. To know more about this technique that has revolutionized aesthetic medicine for men we have talked to the Dr. Gracia Bañón, from the Enea Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

    “Facial masculinization consists of performing hyaluronic acid infiltrations on the face in order to achieve a more attractive and angled appearance, enhancing masculine features “, explains the Doctor, who clarifies that it is a procedure that does not require surgery and that takes about 30-45 minutes. “It does not require subsequent recovery and the results are immediate,” he adds.

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    As they are aesthetic medicine treatments, their effect is temporary, but in the case of facial masculinization “the duration of the result is 18-24 months, being able to be in most cases a longer duration “, comments Gracia Bañón. Although it is important to clarify that everything is proportional to the needs of each patient and the amount of hyaluronic acid used in the procedure.

    Does it have any difference with the mandibular profiling?

    Perhaps you have also heard of mandibular profiling as another of the techniques to mark more the man’s own features, but the Doctor clarifies that “mandibular profiling is one of the procedures performed in the facial masculinization process“and that” it is a marking of the facial oval to obtain a more defined and angled profile. “

    Teresa andrés gonzalvo and doctor gracia bañón

    Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo and Dr. Gracia Bañón, partners of the Enea Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.


    Men from 30 to 45 years old, the most “masculinized”

    Since this is a treatment that can be applied to all types of men after developing a treatment plan before starting it, Gracia Bañón specifies that the profile of the man who most requests masculinization in her clinic they are usually middle-aged patients, around 30-45 years, who seek to enhance and improve the appearance of their face. “Normally they suffer from retrognathia (short and narrow chin) or little definition of the mandibular arch,” he says.

    How much is facial masculinization worth?

    When defining the budget for the treatment, the peculiarities of the patient are also decisive. “It is a procedure with great variability in its budget since it closely adheres to the needs of our patients”, explains the Doctor, who comments that good results can be obtained from 600 euros.

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