What is “coconut nutting”, this hyper dangerous sexual tendency for health?

Charlie Andrieux

Having fun… with a coconut, it’s possible! But beware, this sexual practice can be very dangerous.

Banana, grapefruit, pomegranate, peach, or even coconut… Some very creative people like to masturbate with fruit. However, it is not without danger. The “Coco nutting”, for example, is a widespread practice, but to be carried out correctly.

What is coco nutting?

In Call Me By Your Name, the famous fishing scene is talked about a lot. Indeed, the main character, Elio uses it to masturbate. It is therefore not uncommon for people with a penis to use fruit as homemade sex toys to spice up their sex life. On Reddit, some even rank the best fruits…

Le coco nutting, it’s kind of the same thing. This consists of making a hole in the nut, and inserting your penis into it. However, this practice, very exciting for some, can turn out to be dangerous. Indeed, check that you are not allergic to the fruit before you masturbate. Worse still, make a hole big enough to avoid getting stuck in it and making an awkward trip to the ER.


A coconut filled with maggot

Also on this network, a user shares one of his misadventures with coconut nutting. The man enjoyed the experience so much that he decided to masturbate several times, for several days, in the same coconut.

After a week, he began to notice that there were flies and an unpleasant smell, reports Biba magazine. Except that instead of throwing it away, he wanted to use it one last time… But the coconut was full of maggots and larvae, which then got on his penis… This sexual practice is therefore without danger, when it is carried out with precaution. It is obvious that if the fruit does not smell good, it must be thrown away!



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