What is causing Ómicron in hospitals in Mexico?

The contagious potential of Omicron variant It is not only manifested in the lines to take a test in Mexico City. This new wave of cases is reaching the hospitals, assures Rodrigo Morales, doctor of the Bicentennial High Specialty Hospital of the ISSSTE.

“From the last days of December to date, hospitalizations for COVID-19 patients have increased by 400%; they are serious, and the external consultation of the respiratory triage in emergencies is not enough “.

Rodrigo Morales, doctor at the Hospital Alta Especialidad Bicentenario.

The increase has also continued vertiginous in private hospitals, says doctor Natalia Agustín.

“They are much faster contagions, we believe that it has a lot to do with the fact that people are not protecting themselves.”

Natalia Agustín, private doctor

Despite his high spread, the public is underestimating Ómicron, asserts Jorge Velázquez, an emergency physician at Hospital 1 de Octubre.

“Although it has been described that infections by the Omicron variant are often flu-like, there are some who develop pneumonia.”

Jorge Velázquez, emergency physician

People who have risk factors, comorbilidades, older adults, pregnant women, those unvaccinated or with complete vaccination schedules who do not use preventive measures, are the ones who are becoming infected, says doctor Jorge Velázquez.

Health personnel ask to raise awareness. They are exhausted and they are also afraid of getting infected.

“Health personnel are tired, even if it is a simple flu picture, they are tired of seeing the same thing, of risking themselves and their family.”

Natalia Agustín, private doctor

Doctors insist on not lowering their guard because the pandemic It has not finished.

“The truth is that in the hospital we see a completely different world who is seen in the streets”, says the internist doctor Rodrigo Morales.



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