The influencer and sister of Chiara Ferragni told on her Instagram profile that she discovered that what she thought was a pimple was instead a malignant tumor

Valentina Ferragni, influencer and sister of (in turn) influencer and entrepreneur Chiara, told on her Instagram profile that that “pimple” she had talked about several times and which had been surgically removed to better check what it was was actually a basal cell carcinoma , a malignant skin tumor.

“It took me a while to make it happen. Unfortunately it wasn’t a cyst, but a malignant tumor localized in a specific area, not the most dangerous for health, but for the skin – wrote Valentina in a post on the social -. The doctors told me it was the first time they saw this carcinoma on a person of my age (28), usually it comes to people in their 50s and 60s. ”

The influencer also tells why the diagnosis came so late compared to the appearance of the tumor: “In this year he changed his face many times, for a few months he seemed to disappear, then came back slowly, he started bleeding in September 2021 then he pretended healed in October – writes Valentina -. This f … to carcinoma is like this, it remains silent for months, then bleeds for two days and returns to normal, but continues to grow under the skin day by day ». And he concludes the post with an invitation to prevention: “As I have already told you, it is essential to go to the doctor if something doesn’t go away, if you feel weird. I am 28 years old and this cancer is rare in people my age, fortunately I caught it in time ».

What is Basal Cell Carcinoma

It is one of the most frequent skin cancers: according to estimates it affects more or less 980,000 Italians every year. “It is mainly due to excessive exposure to sunlight and burns that, over the years, cause damage to the DNA that can evolve into the formation of a tumor – explained Piergiacomo Calzavara Pinton, director in charge of the Department of Dermatology of the Civil Hospital of Brescia, to the Courier service -. It is considered the least aggressive of skin cancers because it rarely metastasizes, but in reality it tends to infiltrate locally and, especially when localized to the face, can even lead to the loss of organs (such as eyes, nose, ears). It is very rarely lethal and in the initial cases the surgical removal is enough to eliminate it, even if in some variants it can recur and require ever larger removals (as in the case of the Australian actor Hugh Jackman) ». Other areas that are often affected by this skin cancer are those most exposed to ultraviolet radiation, such as the chest, back, arms or legs.

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