What if Orlando doesn’t crack in the 95 Finals? TrashTalk Investigations

For many weeks, Monday was synonymous with Top 100 all-time, with its fair share of debates, discussions and broken friendships. A huge adventure, which deserved a nice sequel to continue to delight our favorite community. TrashTalk Surveys are now back just for you, because Monday is still the best day of the week, period.

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Today’s TrashTalk Survey takes us to Florida, near Orlando. In 1995, the Magic did not yet have a long past in the NBA but his team was already carried by a monstrous duo which allowed him to see the future with a very broad smile. In the wake of Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway the Orlando Magic will reach the Finals but all will not go as hoped. Against the Rockets of Hakeem Olajuwon, the Floridians let their chances slip away during Game 1 while they are in a position to win, and will never be able to recover: 4-0 Houston in the end. Such a turning point inevitably brings its share of questions: if it does not crack as much, how is the continuation of this duo? How would we speak of the Magic? From Penny? From Shaq? From Nick Anderson… Come on, we’re sending the investigation!

As usual, we say what we eat, recap the facts and investigate. It lasts three quarters of an hour and it’s perfect to start the week.

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