New baffling details about the “theft” of the watch from 200 thousand euros a Daniil Medvedev, fresh red tennis player in second place at Atp finals of Turin. After the award ceremony, and before sitting at the table for dinner with his girlfriend, Medvedev realizes that his very prestigious Bovet Eighty Six, a jewel in red gold and titanium, has literally disappeared. At that point, explains lto Print, back to PalaAlpitour and asks the managers of the building to look for the precious watch in the changing rooms. It is not found, and so in the control room they analyze the images of the CCTV cameras. Only two people came out of Medvedev’s door: one is an identified security guard, the other is an unknown young man with a bag in his hand. He was the one who had the watch.

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“It had been taken by an operator of a company who was withdrawing the hair dryers from the building – explain the managers denying the hypothesis of theft -. He wanted to deliver it to his boss. The next morning: he is in perfect good faith”. But something else does not add up. “The clerk did not realize the value of the watch. What he wrote on the cashier Bovet Pininfarina: it has mistaken for a gadget“. This is why the Turin public prosecutor has now opened a file. At 11.42 pm, the chief of staff reassures an ATP executive by sending him a message:” Found the clock. Let’s talk tomorrow. “The manager, however, does not see him and no one warns Medvedev, who in the meantime was proceeding to report the theft.

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The next day, another mystery: Medvedev has already left for Monte Carlo, the manager gives the watch to the manager, who was leaving at the airport with his family. With great nonchalance, the manager instead of leaving for Monte Carlo and returning the watch to Medvedev puts it on his wrist: “He thought of returning it himself to the tennis player – concludes La Stampa -, in a few weeks, at the Davis Cup final, in Madrid “.

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