What happens to your body when you use a toothbrush for a long time?

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There are a large number of people who follow some wrong habits, without feeling that they may destroy your health, and among them is using the same toothbrush without changing it for a long period of time.

So we will know the impact on dental health, according to what was reported in the “bustle” website.

– It may make you sick

Not changing the brush for a long time, can make you more susceptible to disease, as enough bacteria accumulate on the toothbrush, which causes it to develop into viruses, including influenza, staphylococcus, bacteria, E. coli, and yeast usually live on toothbrushes, and thus people become infected.

The formation of tartar on the teeth

If you are not familiar with the presence of tartar on the teeth, as it is a sticky and colorless substance, which is basically a layer of bacteria that envelops your teeth, and brushing regularly helps to get rid of plaque, but if your toothbrush is too old, the bristles are damaged It becomes less effective and increases tartar formation.

Gum damage

Gingivitis, is the medical name for gum infection, which is actually related to if you use an old toothbrush, because tartar is not removed on the teeth, and it accumulates in abundance, which leads to gum damage, if gingivitis is not treated in sufficient time, it can result As a result, the gums separate from the teeth, and it may lead to losing your teeth due to infection.

Mold may grow on the brush

Leaving the brush for a long period of time without replacing it can be susceptible to germs, as constantly leaving it with water causes the appearance of mold, which can be invisible and transfer it to your mouth.

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