Scientific research revealed the dangers of showering after eating, confirming that it causes many damages, especially on the digestive system, blood circulation and heart rate.

The risks of showering after eating are many, but we can avoid them by waiting long enough after eating and before taking a shower, or changing the order and taking the shower before eating.

To know the reality of the risks of taking a shower after eating, it is necessary to first know the effect of bathing with warm water in general on the body and its health benefits if it is taken at the correct time, as heat is stimulated in the body and this process raises the internal body temperature by one or two degrees, in a more general sense, the water is very hot Good for you as it stimulates your immune system and works to relax your nervous system and stimulate the sweat glands to expel toxins.

After eating, a slight rise in body temperature occurs, and that pleasant warmth that you feel in your body after eating a satiating meal is actually the result of the body directing increased blood flow to the digestive organs, and bathing can increase the heart rate, which Makes you feel uncomfortable when full.

Bathing confuses your body because instead of increasing blood flow to the digestive system, the body experiences overheating from the water. In theory, this will slow or interrupt digestion, causing it to slow down. There is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove or disprove this idea.

If you believe this theory, you may want to think about what you ate before you completely rule out a shower afterwards. A meal with a heavy protein, high fiber content, lots of fats, or refined carbohydrates can cause bloating as the body digests, making cramps and heartburn more likely. .

If the theory is correct, showering after eating some fruit, broth, or salad probably isn’t that bad.

In fact, taking a cold shower after eating is safer and safer than a hot bath. If you can’t stand the cold, you can try taking a lukewarm water shower.

According to Dr. Tania Kapoor of Wellness by Tania, showering after eating often leads to restlessness, acidity, vomiting and even obesity, according to nature and one should shower before eating because when we take a shower every cell of the body is reactivated and we feel refreshed which leads to The brain sends signals that the body is hungry for nutrients, which causes weight gain, and it is usually advised to wait at least 35-40 minutes after any meal so that we can shower.”

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