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The salmon it is one of the most consumed and most bought fish for our kitchens. Loved by everyone and consumed all over the world, for its sweet and soft flavor, or even smoked. It is very important for its beneficial properties, thanks to its constituent components. In this article we will then talk about whether salmon is good or bad for our body.

Salmon is a fish rich in vitamins of group B or D and A, and large quantities of minerals and proteins. Many times it is often recommended for diets, a food that can be eaten more than once a week but always in moderation. At most 2 or 3 times a week, it should be the perfect dose for us.

In any case, please note that salmon can be very rich in fati, for this reason you should never overdo the portions. There are many reasons why salmon is good for you, rich in active ingredients that work as true beneficial foods. But don’t worry, fish are generally high in fat and omega 3, which is why it is often said that fish is good for the brain and for better thinking. It protects our skin from sunlight, cold and heat.

The benefits of salmon, they are also very different. In addition to having many calories, it does not negatively affect a low-calorie adita, since it contains many nutritional properties. Secondly improves our immune system given its high amount of vitamins. It can prevent heart disease, diabetes and nervous system problems.

It has a high protection content, helps our cognitive functions, is very good for the heart and more importantly helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. For this reason it is excellent for improving our circulatory system and preventing cardiovascular disease. It improves blood pressure and keeps it under control.

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Salmon helps you lose weight, like many vegetables, it helps to satiate earlier and therefore to control hunger pangs, for this reason its consumption is necessary to lose weight and to lose weight. Salmon (cooked) is very useful in pregnancy and during lactation, this is because it strengthens the development of the newborn’s brain.

It can be a great anti inflammatory and much more. In conclusion, we can add that the salon is very good for our immune system, our body and our brain, in any case it is always better, however, not to overdo the doses to be taken because we could encounter intestinal problems or intolerances. . It is recommended to consume a maximum of 2 or 3 times a week, no more.



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