In 2012 the international format landed in Argentina The voice. In that first edition of the reality show, which is looking for the best singers, a young man from Rosario called Gustavo Corvalán. Six years later the second season arrived and on that occasion the champion was the Uruguayan Braulio Assanalli. After passing through the contest, both had a boost in their careers and everything seemed to offer them a promising future. However, time passed and fame did not accompany them. In addition, in recent times they had to reinvent themselves due to the pandemic and modify their work plans to survive.

Gustavo Corvalán, the first winner of “La Voz Argentina”

Gustavo Corvalán, a native of Rosario, was 23 years old when he was part of the successful program where the jury was made up of Soledad Pastorutti, José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez, Axel and the duo Miranda !. The singer was in the team of the Arequito artist, with whom to this day he remains in contact and they work together on some projects.

The Rosario singer appeared in the reality show in 2012. (Photo: Video capture)

When he raised his award in 2012, Gustavo not only had the chance to record an album, but he also won $ 50,000. Away from the TV formed his family: together with his wife Natalia Tifner they are parents of Agustín and Brisa. He currently lives in Córdoba.

The momentum of the reality show also allowed him to give concerts throughout the country. What’s more, accompanied La Sole in some presentations and Trulalá joined the cuartetero group at one point. In 2018 he went for more and put together a duet with the runner-up of another reality show: César “Cachi” Palavecino, from Triumph operation 2005, and formed Tupachi.

Corvalán won the 2012 edition. (Photo: Instagram/@gustavo.corvalan)

“The change in life that I had thanks to the program was tremendous. I started touring and was in magazines and on television. It was very nice because I was able to dedicate myself to what I really wanted to be singing. What I least believed is that I was going to win, although I admit that I had faith in what I was doing, “he said in dialogue with TN Show.

Gustavo with La Sole, the coach who chose him for his team. (Photo: FILE)

Although he stressed that the reality show gave him great growth and allowed him to learn from the hands of established artists, it also gave him an overexposure that he did not expect: “I was not used to being so recognized And the truth is that after winning I had to get used to some things that I didn’t do before, but it never bothered me”.

However, his work projects were suspended during the pandemic and he had to seek a plan B to survive. That is why he began to make deliveries as delivery: “It affected me a lot when there were time restrictions and later the closure of places in Córdoba. But I always went ahead reinventing myself with other ventures, I never lowered my arms because this is not over yet ”.

In dialogue with this medium, he was very enthusiastic about the new edition of The Argentine Voice and stressed that with his family they do not miss any episode: “The level is good and the opportunity given to the artists is good. It is something that television today lacked and that is why it is doing so well and it is successful because it is something very beautiful. It is worth sharing the stories of the people who go there and show themselves as they are ”.

Corvalán with his wife and two children. (Photo: Instagram/@gustavo.corvalan)

Asked if he would like to be summoned again by the production of the program to be present at the final, Corvalán acknowledged that he would love to be there and to be able to tell the participants about his experience. “The recommendation I would give you is that you enjoy it to the fullest. I would like to be there to see who wins and see the emotion of the jury, the public and the artists. It would be something nice to relive because it would bring back many memories “, he concluded.

Braulio Assanelli, the last champion: “The pandemic cut off my leg”

Braulio Assanelli appeared in The Argentine Voice in its second edition, in 2018, when the jury was made up of La Sole, Axel, Tini and Ricardo Montaner. The Uruguayan, who was part of the team of the author of “Tan enamorados”, was the winner and won 500 thousand pesos as a prize. Thanks to his talent and the popularity he obtained in reality, he was able to fully immerse himself in music throughout 2019 until the pandemic began.

The young singer was part of Ricardo Montaner’s team. (Photo: TELEFE)

“2020 was a club. My career cooled in contacts and financially. I had to go to the capitals that I had and that I had armed to support myself. I had a monthly amount per show until I had none. ‘How do I stock up?’ I thought. It was quite exasperating at first, after all I knew how to handle it because I work with a team and we knew how to get out, “said the 25-year-old singer in a recent interview in Just in case (Eleven Ten).

Although he managed to do a tour that took him to the United States, not being able to make presentations due to the global health situation brought him complications: “Today is not the same rage as when I won, but the program opened the doors to a career for me ”.

At present, his main job is give music classes for young and old in two academies that he opened in Uruguay. “I don’t know if the pandemic cut off my legs, but to put it in some way, I think it did cut one off.. It was a hard blow. I will continue walking with one leg alone, “he said, paraphrasing a phrase that Diego Maradona said at the 1994 World Cup in the United States, when he was suspended after testing positive for an anti-doping test.

The 25-year-old Uruguayan singer won the 2018 edition of the singing reality show. (Photo: Instagram / @ braulioassanelli)

To win The Argentine Voice, and like Gustavo, Braulio had a media explosion and lived days of great intensity, something that today you feel you need: “When you have a lot of something you want to let go of it, but when you lack it, you miss it.”

The gesture of solidarity in the final of “La Voz Argentina 2018”

One of the gestures that most attracted the attention of Assanelli’s victory was that decided to donate part of his prize to another participant. It was about Mario Viluron, one of the semifinalists of the cycle that he needed to buy a special wheelchair for his brother suffering from cerebral palsy.

The young man couldn’t contain his excitement. (Photo: Video capture)

Beyond their initiative, the show’s production ended up taking over because they wanted the champion to enjoy their prize 100%. However, his fans celebrated his attitude.