What happened? Supersalud corrected: EPS debts are $23 billion

EPS en Colombia

EPS en Colombia.




enero 17 de 2023 – 07:11 a. m.



The National Superintendence of Health reported this Monday that the total debts of thethe liquidated EPS, in process of liquidation and assets is 23.3 trillion pesos, and not 50 as had been said.

Supersalud said that, after a citizen oversight exercise carried out by representatives of the health sector, and the analysis of the entity itself, inconsistencies in the data were identified.

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The National Health Superintendence began a process of inspection and analysis of data, paying special attention to the way in which the information had been processed, extending it to the amounts of credits of around 102 EPS liquidated between 2003 and 2015, and the exhaustive review of the figures that were presented to the country in good faith“, reads the document.

In this line, the entity indicated that it found various unnoticed inconsistencies within, which led Supersalud to apply the necessary corrective measures, especially in the reception and reporting of information.

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Thus, according to the statement, EPS debts amount to 23.3 trillion pesos, which is much, much less than the amount established by the entity at first.

Of which $16.6 trillion correspond to active EPS in the sector, $1.7 trillion to liquidated EPS and $5 trillion to liquidated EPS“he points out.

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For his part, Carmen Eugenia Dávila, executive director of Gestarsalud, stated that “It is important that the figure has been clarified, because in all information that is shared with public opinion, extreme care must be taken, and more so in an issue like this that compromises everyone as a society“.

Finally, and as a consequence of the foregoing, the corresponding transfers were made to the Internal Control Office and the competent disciplinary authorities so that they can carry out the investigations that may arise and deem appropriate.” ends the document.

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