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At GF Vip, after having made a ‘toast to the enemies’ with Nathalie Caldonazzo, Davide Silvestri ran to tell Soleil: what happened

It does argue a certain attitude of Davide Silvestri to GF Vip, especially after ‘toast to enemies‘ from Nathalie Caldonazzo. But what has ever happened in the most spied on house in Italy? What has the actor ever been up to this time?

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At GF Vip, Davide Silvestri tells Soleil about Nathalie Caldonazzo’s ‘toast to the enemies’, a moment that is causing the viewers of the reality show to discuss. Photo Credits: courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

Nathalie Caldonazzo’s ‘toast to enemies’ and Davide Silvestri’s answer

Let’s go in order. To GF Vip, Nathalie Caldonazzo proposed a ‘toast to the enemies’ to Davide Silvestri, who replied with a clear “Always, until the end“. An almost pleasant moment, which preceded some cordial chat between the two competitors.

source: Twitter

Davide Silvestri runs to tell about the toast to Soleil

The hilarious moment arrived shortly after, when Davide ran to Soleil to tell her about Nathalie’s ‘toast to the enemies’.

I can say this instead? Soleil… I have to tell you something”, he began to pursue her, eager to reveal what had happened. Then the story began: “Nathalie came, I poured a drink. She came and made ‘a toast to the enemies’. I looked at it and said ‘always, until the end’. She ‘sinned’ and I left. But I’ll name her until the end and as long as I’m in here. We will be enemies to the end in here”.

One a bit curious moment, no doubt, which made several fans smile about the rivalry between David and Nathalie. How will this other situation evolve?

source: Twitter

Photo Credits: courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office


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