By LeSiteinfo with MAP

A police brigadier working in the Khouribga provincial security district was forced, on Friday evening, to brandish his service weapon without using it, during a police intervention to arrest a 24-year-old individual who was in a state of strong agitation and exposed the security of citizens and police officers to a serious and dangerous threat using knives, we learned from a security source.

A police patrol had arrested a woman and a minor, aged 19 and 16, immediately after receiving from the suspect a quantity of psychotropic tablets and the drug “l’boufa”, as well as a knife and a sum of money which would be the fruit of drug trafficking, indicated the same source, noting that the investigations led to the arrest of the respondent inside the local hospital, in the process of receiving treatment for a foot injury.

The defendant put up fierce resistance to the police using a sharp tool and causing voluntary injuries, which forced a police brigadier to brandish his service weapon as a precaution, thus allowing the danger to be averted posed and to arrest the suspect, added the same source.

The three defendants were subjected to an investigation by the judicial police brigade of Khouribga, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to determine the ins and outs of this case.


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