What happened between Verón and the referee after the controversial elimination of Estudiantes?

After the defeat of Estudiantes against Athletico Paranaense, the red and white fans expressed their discomfort with the Uruguayan referee from the stands. Andres Matonte, for the errors he had during the game and that could have distorted the luck of the Lion in the tie. In this framework, the vice president of the institution Juan Sebastián Verón approached the judge’s dressing room with some leaders to ask for explanations, but it all ended in shouting and moments of tension.

It is that La Brujita understood that the referee should have changed the decision after reviewing the VAR and confirming Luciano Lollo’s goal, which would have meant 1-0 for Estudiantes. In addition to showing his dissatisfaction with the Uruguayan job, according to reports, the idol would have been directed against Matonte in harsh terms.

After this episode, it appeared that within the next few hours Conmebol will open a file to evaluate a disciplinary sanction for the former footballer. Some are talking about a “harsh sanction” for Verón for insulting Matonte at the locker room door.

The play in question took place 63 minutes into the game, when a corner for Pincha led to a header on the post, a rebound and a goal from Luciano Lollo. But Jorge Morel was offside, almost under the goal, between the shot made by the Estudiantes defender and the Paranaense goalkeeper.. The aide raised the flag because the advanced position was clear; what still needed to be analyzed was whether it interfered with the position of the 1 visitor.

“For me, the goalkeeper always sees the ball, except for a moment and that doesn’t prevent him from jumping,” they indicated from the VAR to the referee with the aim of validating the goal. Another of the assistants contradicts him and that’s when Matonte enters the scene, asking for the replay.

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After a few seconds, the judge is clear: “I see, the striker, the number 5 makes a move, he is close to the goalkeeper, and that’s right where the ball passes. I’m going to uphold the offside decision”. The rest is known history.


The IFAB -International Football Association Board-, which is the FIFA body that sets and details the rules of the game for football around the world, is clear on this point.

Act 11 is “The Offside”. Point 2 is the one that specifies when the offense is charged. “A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is touched or played* by a team-mate will only be penalized if he becomes actively involved in the play in one of the following ways”, it begins to explain, and all the possible scenarios are listed below. The one that took place during the night of this last Thursday in UNO is the following:

“* if a player coming from or in an offside position is in the way of an opponent and interferes with the latter’s movement to the ball, it is considered an offside if it interferes with the opponent’s ability to play or to affect the ball in competition, if that player stands in the way of an opponent and impedes their progress (eg obstructs their path), the offense must be penalized under Law 12”. That is, dirty and indirect free kick.

Although Morel was not located directly in a straight line between Lollo’s shot and goalkeeper Bento, the judge interpreted that his presence did have an impact on the goalkeeper’s movement. From the look of the judge, Bento does not dive to his right because there is a rival player who was offside.

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The regulations are clear, but the game is very fine and complicated to solve according to the interpretations of what is seen on the field. And the explanations – of course – do not correspond to the bias of Estudiantes who see in the decision an unfair prejudice that was decisive in the result that left them out of the Copa Libertadores.



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