It is certain that on more than one occasion you have come across a very curious emoticon formed by the letters u and w. Which one are we referring to? Well, nothing less than this. What does it mean this? It is generally used to show happiness.

Although in other cases it also means presumption or feeling satisfied about something. Although there is no shortage of people who use it to talk about any matter in an ironic way or to trolling.

Maybe it all started with a Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sometimes he this is seen as the ‘anime happy face’, but its origin is uncertain. There are those who say that it was used for the first time in a fanfic from Yu-Gi-Oh! called Genie of the Puzzle.

This story was posted by Daaku Kitsune in October 2005. There is a fragment of this story that says ‘again, feel free to throw squid and fish at me. You know, I deserve it UwU ‘. As you will realize that time it was written with a capital letter.

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The this it continued to be used after that occasion. It was in August 2016 that the Urban Dictionary posted a description of this emoticon. There it is mentioned what it means this and it is the most accepted definition.

This starts with ‘UwU or uwu is another way to type the smiley face: 3, TwT or twt’. As for what it represents, it says ‘means happy, like the face of an anime character when full of joy’. So there is a connection.

What does uwu mean?

A version with the Wii U logo was famous

It should be noted that the definition was coined by hyruleinbed and since then it has had more than 2,500 positive votes. Although not everyone agrees with this definition.

A user of Tumblr, homuras, shared what it means this. In May 2013 he said ‘uwu’ isn’t even a face to me anymore, it’s actually the ‘oowoo’ sound. Another person, strudelgit, he replied ‘IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE A FACE!?! ??!’. It seems he had reactions.

What does uwu mean?

More than 50 thousand in eight years. Another moment in which this highlighted was when another user of this social network created a logo design for Wii U but with these letters. It was about akoolguy and received more than 55 thousand notes in six years.

Since then this emoticon has spread more and more. It is a very common expression among manga and anime fans who post messages on Internet. But there are also those who use it without knowing its origin well.

What uwu means today

A writer named Brian Feldman shared his opinion about what it means this in the newsletter of Bnet. He commented that its original use is not adapted to modern interpretations.

He pointed ‘all of this leads me to theorize that the oldest known usage of uwu shows it in a dramatically different context than we are used to’. To the above he added ‘which is fine, because internet language is rarely prescriptive’.

What does uwu mean?

Feldman projection ‘there is never an exact and correct way to use ambiguous pictographs like emoji and emoticons’. He showed that in these cases what matters most is the context.

Topped with ‘in fact, this is how they get their power: allowing the reader to use the surrounding conversational context to discover exactly what they want to say’. It is a very sensible way of approaching the matter and it would be necessary to see if things will not change over time.



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