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Dr. Armen Sargsyan, a urologist, declared that the presence of blood in the urine is a bad sign, because a person discovers it at a late stage of the disease. What to do?

In a television interview, the specialist indicates that in this case, the specialist should be consulted to diagnose the cause. It may be cystitis, pyelonephritis, or a tumor, and this is the most dangerous. Because a kidney or bladder tumor, based on a blood analysis, indicates that the tumor has reached an advanced stage and has damaged blood vessels. Usually these tumors are not accompanied by any symptoms.

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The seven indicators of suffering from kidney stones!

One of the common causes of blood in the urine is kidney stones. As a result of mechanical movement, inflammation and damage to the mucous membrane increases due to the movement of stones in the ureter.

He adds, urine can change color due to taking certain medications. For example, taking vitamin В makes urine orange, and some antibiotics make it dark. Pain relievers also change the color of urine, but as a rule, after stopping these medicines, the urine returns to its normal color.

The specialist points out that some food items also contribute to changing the color of urine, such as beets and strawberries. Intense physical activity also causes the dissolution of red blood cells, and an imbalance in the blood circulation in the kidney pelvis, which leads to the appearance of blood in the urine.

The specialist advises that you should see your doctor when you notice a change in the color of your urine, to make a diagnosis with ultrasound, tomography of the urinary tract and cystoscopy, and according to the results of these tests, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment.

And he stresses that this condition should not be self-medicinated by drinking herbal decoctions or heating the body’s organs, even in the absence of other symptoms except for a change in the color of urine.

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