What do you know about “nose cancer” .. Know the signs and causes of the disease

Breast cancer, brain tumors, and throat cancer are all too common, but have you ever heard of nose cancer? They are tumors that can develop in your nose, and the causes are smoking, exposure to wood dust and HPV infection.

According to the site timesnownews “When it comes to the symptoms of nasal cancer, it is important to pay attention to some common sensations that we often confuse with other conditions or overlook them completely..

What are the symptoms of nasal cancer?

Some of the most common symptoms of a lump in the nose are:

  1. Feeling of a stuffy or stuffy nose – although it is not a tangible symptom of the disease
  2. Pressure or pain behind the nose or around the upper teeth
  3. nosebleeds
  4. A bump in the nose, mouth, or face
  5. Decreased or lost sense of smell
  6. frequent headache
  7. Sinus pain
  8. numbness, tingling in the face
  9. Tooth pain and loss

Besides, patients may also complain of watery or puffy eyes, double vision, or pressure in the ears. If any of these symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, consult a doctor as a priority..

What are the risk factors for nose cancer?

According to Cancer Research UK, nitrosamines in cigarettes are a cause of cancer. When one smokes, the smoke passes through the nasal cavity to the lungs, so, the longer you smoke, the higher your risk of cancer..

A health and safety executive report from 2012 stated that certain occupations contribute to the risk of nasal cancer such as shoemaking and carpentry where one can be surrounded by carcinogens.

HPV also contributes (HPV) may also be involved in the formation and growth of warts, which may increase the risk of cancer.



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