What do you know about 2020?

What moved the world in early December 2019? Madrid welcomes the world to the UN climate conference, the French are on strike against the planned pension reform of their government, and the SPD elects Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans to lead them.

A year later, a pandemic shook the world to its foundations, and a virus changed the lives of people on every continent. Corona pandemic is the word of the year.

And otherwise? Angela Merkel is challenged as a crisis manager in her last year as Chancellor, Donald Trump has difficulty separating from the White House, the markets collapsed and came back with power, the CDU is still looking for a new chairman. The “Wirecard case” has developed into an economic scandal of the very highest order. Companies went public, others were thrown out of the Dax, board members started and had to leave.

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