What do you have to stop eating to lower triglycerides?

Food is one of the key pieces when it comes to lowering the highs triglyceride levels. This type of fat, which is present in our blood and allows our body to generate energy, can cause us many problems if not controlled. Therefore, in this article we are going to reveal the foods that we should stop including in our diet if what we want is to lower triglycerides.

As we can imagine, food is one of the most important parts in this regard. To have triglyceride levels at the correct levels, we must avoid junk food at all costs and focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet. High levels of triglycerides are produced when our body converts the calories we do not need into this fat that clogs our arteries.

For this reason, we should not go overboard with the calories we consume on a daily basis, as these eventually stimulate the production of triglycerides in the liver and can cause multiple health problems. In fact, an excess of triglycerides can lead to hypertriglyceridemia, a pathology promoted by sedentary lifestyle, a hypercaloric carbohydrate intake, as well as excess alcohol and simple sugars.

However, we are the ones who will have to be very attentive to the signals of our body, since hypertriglyceridemia does not cause symptoms, so if constant blood tests are not carried out this can go unnoticed.

Tricks to lower blood triglycerides

In this sense, the main causes of hypertriglyceridemia in our population are sedentary lifestyle, a hypercaloric intake rich in carbohydrates, especially without simple sugars, and excess alcohol. For this reason, to reduce triglycerides in the blood we must completely change our lifestyle, which ensures the maintenance of an optimal weight through physical exercise along with a healthy diet.

Triglycerides in the blood

Foods to avoid to prevent triglycerides

These are the foods that we have to remove from our diet if we want to lower triglyceride levels:

  • Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are one of the main culprits for high triglyceride levels. Even consuming a small amount can raise these levels quite a bit.
  • Refined carbohydrates: White rice, bread, and pasta, made with white flour, greatly increase triglyceride levels.
  • Precooked foods: These types of foods are usually high in salt and sugar, in addition to saturated or trans fats.
  • Empty calories: Industrial pastries, salty snacks and appetizers, sugary soft drinks, and in general, all kinds of products that contain empty calories are extremely harmful in raising triglycerides.
  • Fats: Here enter foods such as butter, cream, bacon, fatty cheeses, sausages, oils, etc.
  • Sugars: It is key to avoid all kinds of simple sugars (sugary drinks, soft drinks, ice cream, sugar), fructose, and above all, alcohol, as it has been shown that they exponentially increase the production of triglycerides in the liver.

Recommended foods to lower triglycerides

In another sense, the foods that we are going to see next help us greatly to reduce triglyceride levels; and with it the harmful fat cells of our body. Therefore, aim for all these forms of diet to keep these levels under control:

  • Vegetables
  • Vegetables
  • Omega 3
  • Walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts
  • White meat (Turkey, chicken or rabbit)
  • Olive and sunflower oil

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