What do the pounds drop with ?: Diet shakes: Four weight loss drinks in the check

What do the pounds fall with?
Diet shakes: four weight loss drinks in check

At the start of the new year, many people decide to lose a few pounds – for example by changing their diet. Do diet drinks help? We present test winners and bestsellers.

A healthier lifestyle is one of the good New Year’s resolutions for many people: do more sports, cook fresh, lose a few pounds. Diet drinks in particular seem to be a very simple method for achieving the desired figure. Here’s how: Meals are being replaced by low-calorie shakes, which, according to the manufacturers, contain all the important nutrients. All you need is the powder, which is mixed with water or milk. That sounds good in theory – but which drinks are also convincing in practice? Some products received positive results in tests.

Test winner among the diet drinks: Layenberger Fit + Feelgood Slim

Several magazines rate the Fit + Feelgood Slim Shake from Layenberger as a good weight loss shake. Öko-Test placed the meal replacement far ahead, in the check of Testbild it landed in first place with a grade of 1.6. The buyers also seem satisfied with the shake. In the Amazon reviews, the product has 4.4 out of 5 stars after more than 3,000 reviews. This is probably also due to the price: a can contains around 400 grams and costs just under 6 euros. According to the manufacturer, one serving provides 215 kilocalories. The shake is available in four flavors.


Layenberger Fit + Feelgood Slim Shake Vanilla Cream, replaces 12 meals at only 215 kcal per meal, gluten-free

5,75 € (14,52 € / kg) 6,49 € (16,39 € / kg)

To the offer at

Protein shakes for building muscle

If you want to not only lose weight, but also build muscle, you should take a look at protein shakes. These drinks are high in protein, minerals, and other nutrients to help build muscle. They are also sufficient to replace small meals. The coffee-flavored shake meal from Sheko, for example, is ideal as a breakfast substitute, coffee-to-go or power drink after exercise. A can (450 grams) contains 25 servings and costs around 30 euros. If you are not a coffee fan, you will find seven other flavors.


SHEKO Diet Shakes for Weight Loss Coffee | 25 servings of protein powder coffee protein shake

29,95 € (66,56 € / kg)

To the offer at

Best seller on Amazon: Almased drinks

Among the top selling diet shakes on Amazon are several Almased branded products. The protein powder for weight loss is in great demand. Over 7,000 customers rated the shake with an average of 4.4 stars. In addition to shakes mixed with water, the powder can also be processed with yogurt or muesli. According to the manufacturer, a serving of Almased has 228 kilocalories. That is enough to replace a small meal. A can of 500 grams is enough for around 10 servings with the recommended preparation.


Almased Vitalkost protein powder for weight loss, 500 grams

15,95 € (31,90 € / kg) 21,79 € (43,58 € / kg)

To the offer at

Vegan alternative: Protein powder from Alpha Foods

If you are already vegan or want to change your diet at the same time at the start of the year, you should keep a close eye on the ingredients. Many diet shakes contain whey or skimmed milk powder and are therefore not vegan. An alternative with exclusively plant-based ingredients is the vegan protein from Alpha Foods: The shake uses wild rice, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds. Vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon are used for the sweet taste. A prepared serving contains about 54 kilocalories. The shake is therefore not suitable as a complete meal replacement – but it is a nutrient-rich addition to a balanced diet and replaces drinks with empty calories.


Vegan Protein – VANILLA – purely vegetable protein powder with rice, soy, pea, chia, sunflower and pumpkin seed protein, 1,200 grams of powder

29,90 € (24,92 € / kg)

To the offer at

The right shaker for the drink

The drinks are mixed by adding milk or water to the powder. The mixture is shaken until it has a creamy consistency. Special shakers are best suited for this. The ProStak Protein Shaker from BlenderBottle, for example, is specially equipped with various containers. This means that liquid and powder can be transported separately – and the shake can be freshly prepared at any time. So it’s ideal for those who want to drink the drink at work or after exercising.


BlenderBottle ProStak Protein Shaker with BlenderBall with 2 containers 150ml and 100ml, 1 pill compartment

18,98 €

To the offer at

Diet drinks for weight loss: that’s what they really do

Diet shakes alone are not enough to help you lose weight in the long term, according to experts. As with other diets, there is the problem of the yo-yo effect that can occur after weaning. In order to say goodbye to the pounds in the long run, a healthy diet and exercise are important. Here we reveal which devices can be used to turn the living room into a home gym during lockdown. However, the weight loss drinks can definitely help to change your diet and offer a quick meal replacement in between.


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