What do “charo”, “la moula” and “tchop” mean? We asked you the question and the answers are amazing (video)

In every era, many words appear in everyday language and are mainly used by young people. These terms are not necessarily understood by their elders.

We interviewed passers-by to find out if they know the meaning of “Charo“, “la moula” or even “une chop“. The answers are surprising…

A chop beer?“, replied a mother.

But no, a chop is not a glass of beer… it’s a car“, specified a young girl who was interviewed.

It’s hard to know which words will cross the trends. These neologisms are often used to shorten an idea, according to André Guyot, professor emeritus at the Sorbonne in Paris. Word”Charo” for example. It is the diminutive of scavenger. Charo cis a bit complicated. It is the seducer, it is adultery, it is the one who always wants more, Don Juan“, explains the professor.

Another word, “moula”…. No, contrary to your answers, this term does not mean “woman’s sex“nor that we”lack of happiness”

La moula is money“, explains Nora, 10 years old. The term moulaga comes from the English word “moolah“which means money.

Some words end not understood by parents.The moula, it is still used in a certain context. We can say money when we ask mom and dad for money, but we don’t ask mom and dad for money“, replied a mother.

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