what discounts and promotions Kueski Pay will have

We are one day away from the start of the Hot Sale 2022of the May 23 to 31people will be able to enjoy different discounts and promotions in their online purchases. On this occasion, Kueski Pay is the official sponsor.

Kueski Pay is an online platform to make purchases on credit without having a card in its affiliated stores. We tell you what are the coupons, discounts and promotions at its affiliated stores.

Hot Sale 2022: what discounts and promotions will Kueski Pay have. Photo: Freepik

What promotions will Kueski Pay have?

On Monday, May 23, it will be the exclusive pre-sale of the Hot Sale 2022 where it will be possible to pay through Kueski Pay, in addition, the banks would have fewer promotions. In the case of Kueski Pay, you will have up to 30% discount in its affiliated stores, added to the discounts that they already offer.

To make this discount valid, you only have to add the coupon “HOTKUESKI30” when you are making your purchase, it is important to note that only one coupon can be applied per customer.

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It is important to point out that to make the coupons valid, they must be added on the Kueski Pay platform, before confirming the payment and not in the store where the product will be purchased. When the code has been entered, you will see the final price reflected in your account statement on the same platform.

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Another of the advantages of Kueski Pay during this Hot Sale, consumers can apply for financing without having a card, credit history or account with a banking institution.

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