What are the satiating foods that take away your hunger and do not make you fat?

When you diet, in addition to watching the amounts, you should look for foods that fill you up without adding calories.

  • Fill the stomach with few calories
  • Seeing a full plate makes you feel less hungry
  • Oatmeal for a filling breakfast
  • Add protein to snack less between meals
  • Almonds increase the feeling of satiety
  • Puree or broth first to fill the stomach
  • Satisfying garnishes to accompany your dishes
  • Fruit, a snack that fills you up
  • With pasta al dente you are less hungry

When you diet, or simply when you want to lose a few kilos, it is normal to notice your empty stomach between meals. The success of the diets lies in many cases in that they do not become difficult to follow, do not represent a sacrifice and don’t go hungry.

In addition to how much do you fill your plate (those who go on a diet hold back and that is not always appropriate), there are important aspects that will help you fill your stomach without risking your dietas the volume of the food.

Fill the stomach with few calories

The greater the food volume, the more the stomach will dilate. That’s important because it’s the way the brain order to stop eating (Distension receptors in the lining of the stomach send the signals to the brain.)

  • The question is to achieve this relaxation with low-calorie foods (that fill you up without getting fat).

The sooner you digest food, the sooner you will be hungry. Some foods achieve, by themselves, slow gastric emptying because they remain longer in the stomach during their digestive process.

  • In this way, the mechanical feeling of “full” is more durable.
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Feeling like your plate is full

The popular saying “full plates, stuffed men (and women)“He is quite right because today we take larger portions than are convenient for us.

Prepare bulky dishes with light ingredients

Experts say that, on average, the diameter of a plate today is 28 centimeters. In the 50s it was 25 centimeters.

  • you suit the healthy low calorie foods and of those that you can fill your plate and avoid the “opposite” foods: those that load you with calories even if you eat a small amount.
  • The latter have other added problems, and that is that either the scale triggers by filling your plate with them, or you need to continue eating because you have not been sufficiently satisfied. Therefore, choose well.

The following ideas may be very useful to you because they fill your stomach and provide few calories.

Oatmeal for a filling breakfast

oats is a excellent source of fiber, an important nutrient for health that, in addition to taking care of intestinal health and helping digestion, is very satiating. In addition, it is low in calories and has been shown to help increase “good” cholesterol (HDL) and decrease “bad” cholesterol (HDL).

  • If taking it alone is “boring” for you you can add some fruit (blueberries, strawberries…).

Add protein to snack less between meals

As it happens with the rest of the meals, if you include what is convenient for breakfast the rest of the day you eat less and promote weight loss. Don’t forget to include a moderate serving of protein at breakfast. Here are some ideas:

  • Egg. Poached on whole wheat toast, in a tortilla… If there is no medical contraindication, you can take up to 5 a week.
  • Have hummus with cheese. Always have hummus in your fridge (better if you make it yourself) and spread it on the toast.
  • Homemade Peanut Butter. Crush a handful (toasted and without salt) with a little olive oil.
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Almonds increase the feeling of satiety

In order to lose weight, it is convenient to feel that we are not left hungry, but adding low calories. And it’s easier than you think. Notice! Do you know what happens when you take 5 or 6 almonds before eating?

  • Increase levels of a hormone known as cholecystokinin.
  • This substance causes more Feeling fullas proven in many studies.

Puree or broth first to fill the stomach

It takes about two hours for a liquid to “disappear” from the stomach, but if it is hot increases the feeling of satiety.

  • It may be a good idea to start your lunches and dinners with a drunk broth or a vegetable pureeespecially if you diet.
  • Even better: also take it between mealswhen you notice that you feel like something and you know, for sure, that it cannot be real hunger.

Satisfying garnishes to accompany your dishes

Take note of these and other ideas –chard stalks, apricot chutney…– and enjoy.

  • Apple and rosemary puree. It is ideal for lean meats. Choose them ripe so as not to add sugar.
  • Couscous with onions and olives. Give it a touch of curry and ginger and you will increase its antioxidant level.
  • broad beans with vegetables. Due to its fiber, its water and its proteins, it will help to satisfy your stomach.
  • warm cauliflower salad. Even if you fill your plate, its calories are minimal. You can make it with the aroma of garlic.

Fruit, a snack that fills you up

The goal is to help you feel full without having discomfort. To achieve this, you can use the fruitwhich contains a lots of water and fiber:

  • whole fruit. If you are going through a phase of “psychological hunger“It is good to take the fruit before eating because it it will help you get satiated sooner.
  • smoothie fruit. Another option is to make smoothies with it and reduce them with plenty of water. It is the ideal solution for those who can’t stand drinking “flavourless” water.
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With Pasta al dente you are less hungry

And at pasta is well done, it is very likely that in a couple of hours you will have an appetite for food again. Even if you’ve loaded it up with calories by adding several tablespoons of sauce!

  • A plate of al dente pastastays longer in the stomach (gastric emptying is delayed) and, after taking it, you will snack less between meals.



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