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ATLANTA, Georgia. – The warning of a winter storm in northern Georgia and the possibility of snow falling in the Metro Atlanta area this weekend has raised the alerts of the population and the authorities regarding the effects that this could bring.

At the state level, transportation authorities are preparing with brine, equipment and materials, and personnel to respond to the threat that the storm could bring to the hundreds of miles of state and interstate highways.

Below is a summary of the actions Metro Atlanta authorities have announced in the past few hours in response to the winter weather threat.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens toured the Department of Transportation’s facilities in the city in light of the possibility of a weather event.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said they expect a brine solution to be applied to interstate highways, state routes, bridges and overpasses in anticipation of freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow over the next few days.

The Atlanta airport also issued a winter weather alert.

“As we head into the anticipated snow weekend, we urge passengers to arrive at least 2 hours early. #ATLAirport is working diligently to keep the airfield open and operational. Check with your airline for flight updates,” the airport account said.

Gwinnett County officials canceled meetings scheduled for this Sunday that were part of the scheduled hiring event due to the possibility of inclement weather.

“Due to the possibility of winter weather, the Sunday portion of the Police and 911 Dispatcher Hiring Event has been cancelled. We will work to accommodate as many applicants as possible on Saturday.” posted on social networks.

Due to the threat of a winter storm this weekend, some of our Day of Service projects for MLK Day weekend have been postponed or rescheduled.

Meteorologists say that a mixture of ice and snow could affect Cobb starting early Sunday, so the county authorities announced that they are already preparing to attend to what may happen on some bridges, overpasses and other problem spots. in the face of icy conditions throughout the county beginning at 6 pm on Saturday.

DOT crews will work in shifts 24 hours a day through Monday to treat roadways and respond to reports of problems on hundreds of miles of roadway.

The potential for dangerous conditions lasting into Monday has affected planning for the distribution of COVID-19 test kits. The county recently purchased more than 60,000 kits to distribute to residents. There were some initial reports of a distribution event planned for Monday, January 17. But the weather threat has prompted Cobb County officials to postpone any public events until later in the week.

In addition, Cobb County authorities asked the community to keep their pets safe.

“As you begin to prepare for inclement weather this weekend, be sure to plan for your pet(s) as well. Winter storms pose a greater risk to your furry friend, so get him inside before the snow or freezing rain starts,” they tweeted.

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