Düsseldorf Anyone who has installed the Corona warning app on an Apple device may not be informed directly about risk contacts. An error leads to gaps in the test. Therefore, the warning cannot work properly, as Handelsblatt research has shown. However, a new version of the application is supposed to eliminate the technical problems, as a Telekom spokesman announced on Saturday evening.

Since Saturday afternoon, an update for all Apple users with the IOS operating system has been available, the company said. If this is installed, there will be no more restrictions on automatically updating the app.

A Telekom spokesman said: “For iOS, the development team has today found a way to work around the operating system-related restrictions until Apple has solved the system problem itself.” When an update of the Apple operating system resolves the difficulties in the long term, it was initially not clear. Apple did not want to comment on request.

Apple users should therefore urgently install the version of the Corona warning app 1.1.2. It is available from the Apple app store.

Without the update, users should open the app on their smartphones at least once a day. This triggers the check for possible risk contacts. If you see an increased risk, you should contact a doctor or health authority.

Deutsche Telekom and SAP, who developed the app, said that the reason for the problem was Apple’s operating system. An update of the operating system could help – but there is not yet a time for this. Apple is informed of the problem, but does not want to comment.

At the same time, Telekom and SAP have now implemented a solution to the problem with changes within the app. According to the Telekom spokesman, this has also been eliminated for owners of iPhones. According to Telekom, an update for cell phone owners with the Android operating system has been available for a few days to fix the same error.

Apple users can also see in the operating system of their smartphones whether there have been interruptions in the contact check on a device in the past. To do this, you can call up the following section on your device:

Settings -> Privacy -> Health -> COVID-19 contact log -> Contact reviews

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