The Western Digital My Book Live lost data as a result of a hacker attack. With a zero-day gap, the hackers wiped data remotely.

the essentials in brief

  • Western Digital was hacked.
  • Quite a few NAS users report that their data has been deleted.
  • It is recommended that all users immediately disconnect their systems from the Internet.

Owners of a hard drive from the Western Digital My Book Live series now have to act quickly: If you do not immediately disconnect your storage medium from the network, you run the risk of losing all data!

What happened? Dozens of users report on Reddit that they suddenly lost all of their data. Apparently, an externally acting script leads to a factory reset being carried out on the hard drives.

Western Digital My Book has been hacked

In German: The device is reset to the factory settings, which deletes the configuration and files. Strangely, however, the folder structures are retained, as various media report.

Western Media is currently investigating the incident. The company recommends that the owners of the storage system disconnect the device from the Internet immediately.

According to research by Ars Technica, two security holes led to the debacle. The hackers were able to delete petabytes of data from the Digital Western My Book Live and My Book Duo devices.

Occasionally, users report that they have successfully restored their data using recovery tools. It is unclear whether this works reliably for everyone.

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