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West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association Annual Meeting

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia – The West Virginia Oil Association holds its annual meeting on Friday and Saturday.

The two-day event features many companies working in the oil and gas industries and is an opportunity to share ideas and events. Topics for discussion included updates on the state's oil and gas position and plans for the future.

Executive Director Anne Blankenship said the organization had a lot to discuss and that she was delighted to have this meeting.

"We are really here to celebrate the industry and all the gains we've made, as well as the problems we face, the updates on what our group is doing internally and on what occurs at the regional level in the natural gas sector. the industry, updates on projects such as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, "Blankenship said.

She added that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) will transport liquefied natural gas and connect with other interstate pipelines. Blankenship said ACP countries would play an important role in the natural gas industry. According to the website, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will create 17,240 jobs during construction and will support thousands of others with new industries.

According to Blankenship, Dominion Energy is the company behind the ACP countries. They are an important member of WVONGA, as its name indicates. For this reason, Blankenship stated that they worked closely with Dominion, including sharing the CPA's story as Dominion broke through the barriers to the pipeline.

Indeed, the impact of the pipeline would be felt right here in Mountain State and the impact would be significant.

"This pipeline extends to many states, but the impact on the community and the jobs created by this pipeline are enormous," Blankenship said. "Our workforce in West Virginia has grown significantly in terms of employment growth. Just in connection with the construction of the pipeline, it is direct jobs related to the construction of the pipeline. They do not even include all the indirect jobs and booming activities of local businesses. around the place where construction is going on. I mean, it changes the game for these areas during this construction period. "

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