Werder Bremen is relegated – season ticket prices remain stable!

Ticket prices in the 2nd Bundesliga

Bremen – It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to play in front of fans in the Weserstadion again in the new season. But because SV Werder Bremen has good hopes on this point, the club will start selling season tickets for the 2021/2022 season in the 2nd Bundesliga this week. Much will change for the season ticket holders, who should be contacted in the coming days, not: Werder waived a reduction in prices after relegation.

“Last year we passed the corona-related reduction in VAT directly to everyone Cardholders passed on. We will stick to these reduced prices despite the expiry of the government relief measure, ”explains managing director Klaus Filbry in a communication from SV Werder Bremen. And further: “We ask for your understanding that we will be able to answer the expected demand for the Season tickets out of economic reason no more Price cuts able to offer.”

Apparently most of them also have this understanding. Protest entries on social media there are, but in a manageable number, “First division prices for the 2nd Bundesliga? Cool, ”is an ironic comment. Another user calls the pricing policy “extremely bold”, but also gets the direct counterattack: “That’s right, extremely bold that if the costs for the stadium operation remain the same, you do not lower prices and aim for a loss with tickets.

Why the season tickets at Werder Bremen are not cheaper despite being relegated

Filbry and Co. are counting on the Fans Understand this – and also feel a great desire for the new league. “We are very confident that our stadium audience will be curious about this 2. League which this year will be more attractive than ever due to the number of well-known traditional clubs and the regular floodlit games on Friday and Saturday evenings, “says the managing director, who actually hardly has to fear a major decline in sales.

For years the Waiting list for one Werder season ticket always more than 10,000 entries, so that possible returns could be compensated very quickly. Before the new season offers Werder Bremen even an additional 2,000 season ticket seats, so that their share in the stadium will increase to a total of 27,000. And there is also this sporting promise with which Filbry unites the fans Ticket purchase want to make tasty. “We want to attack at the top in the 2nd division and that will also have an impact on the stadium experience,” he emphasizes. (dco)

The season ticket prices at SV Werder Bremen at a glance

Category 1 – 719 euros

– Nord send Oberrang

– North middle lower tier (rows 10 to 19)

– South middle upper tier

– South middle lower tier (rows 10 to 29)

Category 2 – 532 euros

– North middle lower tier (rows 1 to 9)

– North side upper tier

– North side lower tier (rows 10 to 29)

– South middle lower tier (rows 1 to 9)

– South side upper tier

– South side lower tier (rows 10 to 29)

Category 3 – 409 euros

– North side lower tier (rows 1 to 9)

– South side lower tier (rows 1 to 9)

– West Oberrang

– West lower tier (rows 10 to 29)

– East upper tier

Category 4 – 305 euros

– West lower tier (rows 1 to 9)

Category 5

– East standing adults (192 euros)

– East standing reduced (123 euros)

– wheelchair users (79 euros)

– Accompanying person in a wheelchair (0 euros)

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