Wellness Guide: How to have a better quality of life

You can literally invest in material things. But there is a better option, invest in yourself, in your Health & Wellness. Most of the time, this involves education. “Investment in knowledge pays the best dividends”, said Benjamin Franklin, and today that phrase has taken on a new meaning. Maybe all the other online schools resort to it. However, the opinion that your own Health & Wellness (physical and mental) is just as smart an investment as it has been gaining popularity recently.

What’s behind?

The era of glamour has been replaced by the conscious consumption. The hero of the new era is not Johnny Depp, who will go down in history not only for a string of memorable performances, but also for his lavish party spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. The next generation of evolution is the conscious person (the conscious man), like Depp’s colleague, Orlando Bloom, who prefers to spend his money on creating a “green house”.

Consciousness is expressed in different ways, for example, in consumption. Each expense is considered in terms of rationality (but not savings). This principle applies to mass goods and services as well as to the luxury sector. Its meaning is that each item or service purchased creates value for life and welfare without contradicting the global interests of society and the environment. The simplest example: by buying the tenth pair of leather shoes, a person is doing something partially useless and even harmful: creating profits for the industry, which has resorted to slaughtering animals. Although the same money could have been spent on the production of technological fabrics.

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The other facet of mindfulness is to take care of oneself. The expressions “welfare” O “wellness” have entered our daily lives. This trend has created a new model of money management. He does not see himself (body and mind) as a work machine, but as the most important object. This is how the concept of investments of welfarewhich complements classic financial investments.

What should we invest in?

The dream

It is a pillar of welfare, an antidote to overeating and many diseases. For to rest well, it is not enough to sleep 7 or 8 hours, you need a quiet environment, fresh air and adequate light in the bedroom. You can also take advantage of services that help you fall asleep quicklymonitor your heart rate and sleep phases.

a bracelet of fitness is not an option: it is uncomfortable and disturbs sleep, rather than rest comfortably. Alternatively, you can purchase a high-tech titanium ring to monitor the quality of the sleep. The smart accessory recognizes sleep phases 24 hours a day, detects body temperature and heart rate, which can be analyzed by applications on your smartphone. It can also be used as an activity tracker, keeping track of calories consumed and steps taken. The ring is waterproof, so you can swim and dive up to 100 meters deep without problems.



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