Wellness and health market: An opportunity to send important messages to consumers

Wellness and health market: An opportunity to send important messages to consumers

« Lhe well-being and health market in Togo (MaBEST)”, is in full swing on the Totsi municipal grounds in Lomé. Several activities are on the menu: awareness raising, free medical and nutritional consultations, screening tests, support, advice, exhibitions and sale of local products and other services. It is an initiative of the Communication and Social Marketing Agency “ Health education », organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Vétérinaires sans Frontières Switzerland.

« Health according to our African knowledge and realities “, it is around this revealing theme that the fifth edition of the well-being and health market was opened on Thursday, September 14 in Lomé by the Communication and Social Marketing Agency ” Health education » which aims, for four days, to offer the population of Lomé and its surroundings free medical and nutritional consultations, screening tests for cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis, vaccination against Covid-19. The organizers also plan to hold public conferences on health issues, awareness sessions on food hygiene, malnutrition, plants and health in Africa, the importance of sport and physical activities, the consequences of being overweight, obesity, sexual health, cancer types and risk factors, non-communicable diseases. On the menu of this event, advice on pharmacy, family planning, sexual and reproductive health, blood donation collection, and symposia on alternative health practices are also planned. The care of patients with simple pathologies, the promotion of vitamins and other supplements, exhibitions of local therapeutic products, as well as services with a high impact on health are other activities on the program of this health market.

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On the occasion, the mayor of the Gulf 5 commune, Kossi Aboka, was delighted with this program which fits perfectly with the government’s ambitions in terms of promoting health for all. In his opinion, ” the development of the country rests on the shoulders of the living and not the dead. To do this, everyone has an interest in becoming aware of their state of health.” Mr. Aboka invited the population to take health education to heart, because health depends on behavior, nutrition and education. “ I call on everyone to take charge of their priceless health and to listen to the advice of health professionals and nutritionists present on this site, so that at the end of this meeting, I welcome, we can make the best on all levels and thus participate in the inclusive development of the country », Confided the mayor.

Getting consumers to change practices

According to the Organization’s country director « Veterinarian without borders Switzerland », Dr Géraud Hellow, this event is an excellent opportunity to communicate and pass important messages to consumers. “ Through our participation, we want to encourage consumers to change practices in the handling of the foodstuffs offered to them. Some foods like Wagashi (beef milk cheese) are commonly exposed and sometimes sold in inappropriate conditions. In this sense, we have undertaken quality work with the producers and processors of this highly appreciated product. I can reassure you that our partners in this field today present a finished product that is safe for health.. It is up to consumers to demand this quality for the good of us all », a confié M. Hellow.

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For his part, the general director of Santé Education and president of the MaBEST organizing committee, Mr. Basile Mignaké, recalled that this activity aims to improve nutrition and support government actions for health coverage and access. of all to basic healthcare services. Also, he indicated that despite the daily efforts made to promote health, challenges still remain to be met in order to raise awareness among the population. In this regard, his agency has been carrying out this activity for several years with the objective of one day reversing the trend. “ This project offers our fellow citizens the chance to be consulted by specialists and to know their health situation. We urge the population of Greater Lomé to take part massively to benefit from the free services that we make available to them. We also plan to mobilize people to donate blood », he said, estimating that for this edition, at least 40,000 visitors are expected.

A guided tour of the stands ended the ceremony.

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