Welfare in dairy farms (VII): Heat stress (1)

Technical article published in number 249 of the Frisona Espaola magazine

In this issue we begin a new series of works related to the welfare of dairy cattle. On this occasion we will focus on a matter of great importance in these cattle and in countries that, like ours, experience prolonged periods of high temperatures and, in some areas, also high humidity.

In this first installment we will review the mechanisms of heat transmission and we will remember the thermal needs of these animals.

For this reason, in a later work, we will address the evaluation and measurement of heat stress, since the enormous genetic progress in recent decades and the consequent increase in production have led to the necessary revision of some data hitherto generally accepted by the community. technical and scientific This has been the case, for example, of the temperature and humidity index (THI) whose threshold value to consider that the cow has entered CE, even at a slight or moderate level, has been necessary to reduce to take into account the greater metabolic heat production of today’s cows, especially high-producing ones. In addition to this index, others proposed in recent years will be explained, which try to include in their calculation the main parameters that influence the sensation of heat perceived by the animal.

If you want to read the full article, you can download it from this link the tambin since “Documents”.

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Technical article published by Antonio Callejo Ramos in number 249 of the magazine Frisona Espaola.

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