Weilheim-Schongau: The number of new vehicle registrations rose sharply in 2022

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Von: Sebastian Tauchnitz


As the number of e-vehicles in the district increases, so does the number of public charging options. © DPA/A

Apparently, no savings are made on the Germans’ favorite child: despite the war, energy crisis and inflation, the number of new registrations rose sharply again last year.

District – 5142 vehicles were newly registered in 2022 in the Weilheim-Schongau district. That is around 400 more than in 2021, when the district office registered 4708 new registrations, and in 2020 (3232 new registrations).

Most of the new vehicles that have been on the county’s roads since last year are still cars. 3485 cars were newly registered. There were also 550 motorcycles from scooters to supersports motorcycles, 344 trucks, 156 tractor units, 34 special vehicles, for example for the fire brigade, and five buses. The trend towards do-it-yourself will probably continue: As the district office announced when asked, 568 trailers were newly registered for the first time.

Just as new vehicles are continuously being registered in the district, some are of course also finally being deregistered. According to the district office, there were 14,780 vehicles last year – almost three times as many as were newly registered.

More registered vehicles than residents in the district

Nevertheless, the number of vehicles in the Weilheim-Schongau district is still very large. To be more precise: There are more vehicles than inhabitants in the district. Last year there were 142,295 vehicles for the approximately 138,000 inhabitants of the district – from babies to old people.

But that doesn’t mean that there are thousands of people who own more than one car. Because the numerous company cars, delivery vehicles, trucks and buses, tractors and combine harvesters that are registered in the district are also included in these statistics.

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Just looking at the new registrations gives an indication of whether it was a good or a bad year for the vehicle dealers in the region (and it can be deduced that 2022 has already made up for a lot, which was caused by Corona, lockdowns and delivery problems 2021 could not be made in sales). But most of them cannot and do not want to afford a new vehicle year after year. A closer look at the vehicle stock clearly shows this. Only 17,205 vehicles in the district are not older than three years, 48,573 vehicles were registered for the first time between 2013 and 2019. Conversely, this means that more than 76,553 vehicles in the district – more than half of all those who are on the road at all – are more than ten years old.

The number of electric vehicles is also increasing

The switch to electromobility in the district is progressing slowly but steadily. Of the 5,142 vehicles that were newly registered last year, almost half, 2,610 to be precise, were petrol-powered. The proportion of diesel vehicles was 973 – but that includes many trucks, agricultural machinery and buses. Pure electric cars were newly registered last year 554, which accounts for a good ten percent. The proportion of plug-in hybrids that couple an electric drive with a small battery to a petrol engine is declining – also due to the drastic reduction in funding. The statistics for 2022 still show 437 new registrations.

As of February 22, 2022, when the statistics were last compiled, there were a total of 1,506 purely electric vehicles and 2,376 hybrid vehicles on the road in the district. In view of the new registrations last year, the actual figures are now likely to be higher.

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