‘Weft error’ leads to loss of millions in the construction of the southern ring road in Groningen

The conversion of the southern ring road has cost an unnecessary amount of money. That is what Johan Remkes states in a report.

This is because Rijkswaterstaat carried out the project, but did not pay for the extra costs. The province of Groningen did that. Because of this construction, one party determined what the other party had to pay for. According to Remkes, this method (‘a flaw’) has led to insufficient consideration of costs.

Way could have been cheaper

“For a long time, the cost overrun scenario, as it eventually occurred, has not been taken into account. It also failed to realize potential savings.”

Johan Remkes from Groningen is chairman of the committee that is investigating the cost overrun in the approach to the southern ring road in Groningen. This commission was set up after it was announced that the province had to pay an additional 94 million euros for the conversion of the road.

In total, the Herepoort combination will now receive 572 million euros for the road. In 2016, the company stated that they could build the road for 388 million.

‘A lot of nuisance’

In addition, the committee is critical of the delay. “The sunken location and the tunnel covers have a positive effect on the spatial quality. This does not alter the fact that due to the longer implementation period, many people in the vicinity of the project area are confronted with a lot of nuisance.”

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